In the mood for good music or a sophisticated warm up before hitting the clubs? Mezzo will hit that middle ground you know you’ve been needing.

Located in the center of Roppongi, Mezzo offers you a luxury experience without the cover charges. MEZZO is the lovely middle ground experience between dinner and a nightclub. The vibrant interior is sure to bring you and your friends major summer vibes. Currently sponsored by Tiger Beer, you may be led to think that the luxury bar’s name is Tiger 勇気 (courage) bar. The DJ plays excellent club music that doesn’t get in the way of conversation, and is perfect for helping you maintain a “roaring time”. Additionally, MEZZO can satisfy your sweet tooth with food options ranging from pizza to ice cream, making it the perfect spot to hit when you want more than just drinks.The staff is English friendly and menus are also available in most major languages including simplified Chinese and Korean.

Snap some instagram photos against the LED lit terrace seating, have some fruit cocktails, and enjoy a sophisticated time before hitting up the clubs. Go get em, tiger!