Welcome Home

In a backstreet of Shibuya is a small, unimpressive grey building that you’d miss completely if you weren’t looking for it. And on the third floor of that inconspicuous building is Mobomoga, a comfortable little cove that is warm, cozy and homey.

The interior is mostly wooden, and makes one feel as though they were in a cute little cottage or cabin. The lights are nice and warm and all of this creates such a lovely atmosphere that you’ll feel right at home right away.

The decorating of Mobomoga is eclectic, though it does seem to lean towards an American vibe. There are American car plates hanging around, a toy crocodile, a gas lamp, some concert posters and more. It sounds overwhelming but it all comes together to create that pub-in-Florida feel.

MoGa cafe is a nice little place to visit while you’re in Shibuya. Don’t miss it.