Nihonbashi, which crosses the Nihonbashi River, has been active as an important infrastructure for people since the days of Keicho long ago! Today, the Metropolitan Expressway runs on the bridge, and its role has not changed even today.

It is a powerful spot where you can feel the weight of history.

There is a lion statue in the corner of the bridge. These statues of guardian dog-like beings at the shrine seem to protect Tokyo! It has a very strong presence.

It is a perfect mix of Japanese and Western styles as it is accompanied by Western-style lamps. It’s as if you’ve been watching the transition of Tokyo for a long time ♡ It’s one of the new attractions of Tokyo that you didn’t know much about until now!

In the middle of the bridge is the famous “Kirin Statue”. Since it was the subject of a novel or movie, many people may have heard it once.

Its powerful appearance will take your breath away. The sound of “giraffe” tends to be associated with that long-necked animal, but “Kirin” is the name of a fantasy creature. The “Kirin statue” is a bronze statue of a feathered figure with such a Kirin as a motif.

It was made to pray for the prosperity of Tokyo so that it could take off with its wings!

There are many spots where you can fully explore Nihonbashi, such as a tour that cruises the Nihonbashi River!

When you visit Nihonbashi, it is a recommended spot that you definitely want to visit ♪ Please carefully observe the historical spots of Nihonbashi ◎