Nishi-Takaido Shoan Inari Shrine was said to be founded in 1665 during the Edo period. At the time the shrine was connected to Enkoji Temple b

Nishi-Takaido Shoan Inari Shrine is the guardian shrine of Shoan Village. They merged the guardians of Shoan Village and Nakatakaido Village on May 1, 1934, and since then, it has become the guardian of both Shoan and Nakatakaido (Nishitakaido) districts. The name of Nishitakaido is no longer used due to the change of the town name. 

Since “inari” shrines are Japanese shrines that worship fox as a deity, you will see foxes guardian statues at the front gate, but with this particular shrine, there is another meaning as to a large number of white Inari foxes at this shrine. 

When entering the shrine, you will notice a small shrine on your left with many foxes. Here, the mummy fox is enshrined. This fox lived near the ancient Enkoji Temple. When the temple was abandoned and neglected, the dead body of a fox was found under the floor of the temple. Farmers believed that a fox was the messenger of the god, so they worshipped this mummy fox and enshrined the dead fox in this shrine.