Oiwa Inari is believed to be located at the site of the former Tamiya family’s mansion. Originally a shrine built from the Inari shrine in the Tamiya family, it is known for its connection with the “Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan”, one of the most famous Japanese ghost stories.

This ghost tale is about betrayal, murder and revenge. The story talks about Tamiya Iemon, who falls in love with another woman, Oume and decides to kill his wife, Oiwa. Oiwa’s looks are destroyed and die cursing Iemon. After that, the ghost of Oiwa haunts Iemon and leads Iemon’s mother, Iemon and other people to their deaths. After the deaths, the Tamiya family continued to have strange and tragic accidents happen, they believed it was the result of Oiwa’s curse. To calm the ghost of Oiwa, a shrine was built here. There is a statue of Oiwa inside the main building here. 

It’s believed that before performing this tale of “Yotsuya Kaidan” in a play or movie, an accident will happen if you do not visit this shine and pay your respects in advance.