A Little Piece of Okinawa in Tokyo

This establishment is quite small and yet they manage to not make you feel too claustrophobic, probably because their decor is mostly white and blue which creates a more spacious illusion than black or other dark colours would. Because of that, there is an atmosphere that, despite Okinawan Parlor’s small size, allows their customers to relax and breath easily in.

As its name would imply, they serve Okinawan cuisine here. Their dishes are absolutely delicious and quite different from Tokyo food, so if you’ve begun to tire of the same old izakayas and restaurants here and are looking for something different, Okinawan Parlor will provide that for you.

Paying further homage to the island of Okinawa, there are little sea-related decorations such as seashells and starfishes.

Overall, Okinawan Parlor is a good place to have dinner and drinks in. Be warned, however, that their menu is in Japanese only. Bring a Japanese-speaking friend or simply have Google Translate on standby. It’ll be worth the scrumptious Okinawan fare they cook up.