When this arcade was completed, the name of the shopping street was changed to “Pal”, which refers to “friends”. It is known as the arcade where friends gather. It is a landmark of Koenji, with many people visiting to go thrift shopping or look for unique items. 

Koenji, along with Shimokitazawa, is also famous for its many second-hand clothing stores. The cluttered storefront display has become established as one of the sceneries that are typical of Koenji.

The history of the Koenji Vintage clothing district stems from its ‘hippie culture’ back in the 60s, as many activists of the time set the tone for Koenji being a big contrast from normal Japanese society. It advocates that people can live life without following materialistic trends. As a result of this, many thrift stores were founded in which they sell an array of vintage clothing. You can make your way down the retro district browsing the affordable, one of a kind second-hand clothing.