At the “Antarctic and Arctic Science Museum” operated by the National Institute of Polar Research, you can see and experience various exhibits related to Antarctica and the Arctic.

The exhibits are the observation equipment and specimens actually used in the Antarctic Research Expedition. The snowmobile that ran a round trip distance of 5,200 km to the Antarctic point in 1968 is exhibited almost as it was at that time, and you can feel the state of the Antarctic observation at that time realistically.

At the “TACHIHI Aurora Theater”, you can enjoy the images of the aurora observed in Antarctica and the Arctic on the all-sky dome screen with a diameter of 4 m, and also watch the images of the observation base “Showa Station” on East Ongul Island in the Antarctic area live. At “Syowa Station”, you can watch the images of the aurora in Antarctica in real-time! Adults and children should be excited about the mysterious images that cannot be seen in Japan.