“Ramen Square” opened in 2005 in the commercial building “Arearea2” directly connected to “Tachikawa Station”. The facility is based on the concept of the cityscape of Manhattan, USA, and is lined with popular ramen shops carefully selected from all over the country, where you can enjoy eating and comparing exquisite ramen from all over the country.

Currently, there are eight stores, “Asayo” in Hokkaido, “Menya Gosei” in Niigata, “Menya Kokoro” in Tokyo, “Toriton” in Kyushu, and “Gokujoe” in Wakayama. There are various types of ramen such as lightly flavoured soy sauce ramen, rich tonkotsu ramen, and Taiwan mazesoba, so the point is that you can enjoy it with people who have different tastes for ramen.

In addition to irregular store changes, seasonal ramen may appear, so it is recommended to check the menu you want to eat in advance before visiting.