Groovy, Man

In the backstreets of Shibuya is Rhythm Café, a little café and bar that has been running for a little over ten years now. Owned by a record label, Rhythm Café takes their music seriously. There are photos of famous artists hanging on the walls, and a DJ booth smack in the center of the place, along with a shelf with vinyl records. And, of course, they’ve made sure you’ll have space to dance because you’ll want to when you hear the funky, groovy music they play. Speaking of “groovy”, their interior takes you back to the 80s, with a bright blue and orange painting the same wall and a neon green underlight on the DJ booth. All of this makes Rhythm Café a fun little place to have a drink or three in.

Rhythm Café is also an event space that can be rented out. When events–mostly music events–are hosted here, it can get so packed that the crowd is out the door. Despite its small size, Rhythm Café knows how to party. Their clientele is primarily Japanese, but their staff does speak a small amount of English the few foreign customers. But, music transcends languages anyway, so forget about all that and just stop by for a drink and enjoy the music in the very trendy and hip Rhythm Café.