The heart of Rock

Rock no Cocoro brings me back to my teen days of attending music gigs at Japanese live houses, with its sticker- and poster-covered walls and red lights. But unlike live houses, the vibe here is more chill than it is intense. Instead of getting right into a crowd and/or moshing, just grab a drink from their bar and sink yourself down into their insanely comfortable couches. You’ll find these couches at the entrance, next to a floor-to-ceiling window that gives you a view of the streets of Shibuya below (this spot is probably my favourite in the bar).

At the other end of the bar are these two booth tables that are reminiscent of American diners in the 70’s and 80’s. Plump and plush, you’ll be comfortable there, regardless of how long you sit there.

Next to the booth tables is a DJ booth with a full shelf of CDs right behind it. Step in and try your hand at DJ-ing.

Drinks at Rock no Cocoro are priced the same as pretty much every other bar in Shibuya. And, ladies, we get a discount on the weekdays, so grab a couple of girlfriends and come here for a girls’ night out.