In front of Taishakuten Sando, you will find this unique Showa-style building. It is a very popular photo spot and is crowded with tourists, especially on the weekends. 

The 1st floor of the building is the Shibamata Hikara Yokocho, where you can shop and experience all kinds of nostalgic and traditional Japanese things. There are about 1,000 kinds of sweets, goods and toys. The product lineup is more complete than most other old candy stores. There are many affordable items here and these colourful souvenirs can bring you to old Japan and back to your childhood. 

There is also a game corner, where you can experience nostalgic Japanese games that you can hardly find these days. There are different arcade machines here and you can enjoy the festival shooting stall. You can truly feel like you have travelled back in time here. 

The 2nd floor is the Toy Museum. The owner wants to convey the idea of a “toy town” and you can see a huge collection of toymakers and Shibamata candy stores, toy stores, stalls and more. When you step into the museum, you will find toys that captivated the children of the Showa era. The genres range from general household toys to large toys that look like they were on the roof of a department store. Come here to the Toy Museum and surround yourself with toys that cannot be found anywhere else. 

Admission fee: 200yen