Shinjuku Historical Museum looks into the history and culture of Shinjuku. There is a permanent exhibition and a special exhibition. There are all kinds of research, information and resources related to the local history and culture of Shinjuku here.

The permanent exhibition of the Shinjuku Historical Museum here collects and stores materials related to the history and culture of Shinjuku Ward. You can find all kinds of cultural items buried in the area of Shinjuku from the Paleolithic period to the Edo period. You can find information on the post station of Naito Shinjuku, samurai residences and townhouses in Edo city, and suburban rural areas and witness the history and lifestyle of the Shinjuku area. You can also learn about the literary people who lived in Shinjuku and their works, as well as literary works that sculpted Shinjuku.

Price: General 300 yen, elementary and junior high school students 100 yen