Snazz and Pizzazz

I think Bar Lagoon is perfectly summed up by the word ‘snazzy’: It’s small and cosy but not cramped, the lighting is dim and unintrusive, there are modern paintings on the walls, there are large potted plants in every corner, and there are all sorts of things to fiddle with at the bar counter. Everytime you look at the space in front of you at the bar, you’ll find something new. There are candles, matchstick boxes (which you are free to use), a large jar full of wine bottle corks, and more random items that bemuse me.

What really makes Bar Lagoon stand out to me, though, is how friendly their bartenders are. Most of them don’t speak a word of English but are still very welcoming and will try to hold a conversation with you. They seem to be genuinely interested in becoming friends with you; it doesn’t feel forced, and it doesn’t feel as though they’re doing it just because it’s their jobs. If you want to practice your Japanese, consider coming to Lagoon. If you don’t like trying to hold conversations in a language you don’t speak fluently, or if you find it awkward, you might like to visit another bar, because the bartenders here will almost definitely try to talk to you.

Because of Bar Lagoon’s small size, we recommend coming here in small groups, or with a date. It’s a great bar to have a relaxing evening in. Having said that, Bar Lagoon does have a table charge of 500 yen, but their drinks are around the same price, which is slightly cheaper than some other bars.

The owner of this bar also owns another two bars which are within walking distance as well, one of which, Bar Rock, we’ve also visited and written about here [link]. Both Bar Rock and Bar Lagoon are a bit further away from the busy, bustling center of Akihabara; they’re tucked away in small alleys about ten minutes’ walk away. The walk will allow you to see Akihabara and what it has to offer, so do check out Bar Lagoon.