Dog friendly, people friendly, and with a notoriously friendly staff, what more could you ask for? This is Sound Bar Lip, where both your furry friends and human friends are welcome.

If you’re like me, a dog-lover who’s separated from your dogs and you’re going through dog withdrawals in Tokyo, do yourself a huge favour and pay a visit to Sound Bar Lip, a bar with a little dog: Goten the Boston Terrier.

I walked in and immediately broke the sound barrier with my squeals and baby talk as Goten jumped up at my knee, tail wagging. I was brought to my table and Goten immediately hopped up onto the couch with me. It was hard trying to pay attention to the server explaining the menu to me when Goten was climbing all over my lap and sniffing me all over. After the server left, I gave all my attention to Goten. He’ll lick your hands and bring you his toys and ask you to play with him.

But, even without Goten, Sound Bar Lip is a great place to visit. There are tiny curved booths that comfortably seat four or five. Six is kind of pushing it. You will be served free popcorn, but that’s probably to make up for the fact that drinks are pretty pricey here. Just remember, no matter how intensely Goten stares at you with his sad puppy dog eyes, please do not feed him your popcorn.

There’s also a projector screen at the end of the bar. Their playlist of music videos jumps all over the place, from 2000’s hip hop to Justin Bieber. They’ll definitely play at least one thing you’ll recognise and remember fondly.

If you’re with just one or two other friends, maybe you’d like to sit at the bar counter instead. It’s along the hallway, which can make things fairly cramped, especially when someone wants to go to the toilet. Also, if you’re seated at the counter, you can’t really pet and play with Goten as much as you could if you’d been sitting in the booth.

When you’re ready to leave and you’re paying at the register, take a little souvenir: a one-dollar bill with Goten’s face on it.