Sumiyoshi Shrine is a shrine that has been worshipped by many people for a long time, including the shipping industry and wholesaler associations. People come here to wish for safety in the sea and travel safety. Even now, it is a famous shrine that is revered as a deity in the four regions of Tsukishima, Kachidoki, Toyomi, and Harumi. It is a calm shrine with a very quiet atmosphere that makes you forget the hustle and bustle of the city. 

At Sumiyoshi Shrine, the Kage Matsuri is held on August 6th and 7th every year, and the main festival of the shrine is held once every three years. At the main festival, the octagonal “Hakaku Mikoshi”, the evil spirit “Shishigashira”, and the “Obori” with a height of about 18 meters are on display. It’s an incredible sight to see.