Taishio Soba Touka is the second brand of “Taishio Soba Touka”. The owner, who develops more than 50 kinds of new menus a year, opened this second brand “Taishio Soba Toka” that focuses on sea bream. It quickly became a popular restaurant and has won different awards.

Their famous sea bream soup is made with red sea bream. The transparent golden soup is a sea bream soup made with only sea bream. Fresh red sea bream from Uwajima City, Ehime Prefecture, which is the number one red sea bream producing area in Japan, is sent directly from the producing area to create this broth. The salt sauce that is combined with the soup uses “Ichi no Shio” from Genkai Sea, Saga Prefecture, and it takes 3 days to prepare. The special salt sauce enhances the taste of red sea bream soup stock. 

After eating the noodles, you can create sea bream chazuke, pouring the soup on white rice topped with chopped sea bream, hail, and wasabi.