The Hole in the wall is a British pub in Nishiogikubo, offering British home cooking, pub food and beer. The inside of the pub looks like small England. It has a calm space inspired by a pub in the English countryside. Enjoy the authentic pub atmosphere with drinks like Guinness, British cider, wine and whiskey. You can try out a variety of homemade pies and authentic British cuisine. Terrace seats are available here, along with a Vegetarian and vegan menu.

Nishiogikubo has many restaurants with a retro ambience, some of which have vegetarian/vegan-friendly menus too. From a simple bakery to a fancy shaved ice café, you can find a place for you in Nishiogikubo. Going to an izakaya is another great way to spend an evening in Japan. Nishiogikubo has plenty of old izakaya all around the town and Yakitori Yebisu is somewhere you can experience an authentic, local Japanese atmosphere.

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