The Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum was opened in 1983 at the Former Residence of Prince Asaka. The building itself is a work of art, a result of Japanese and French designers, architects and craftsmen. This residence has been designated as one of the Japanese nation’s Important Cultural Properties.

The distinctive architectural style, as well as the decorative Art Deco interior design, is part of what makes this museum unique. The main areas of the interior, the entrance, a large guest room, the dining room and the study, were all designed by a leading French artist at that time, René. 

As well as a beautiful interior, there is also a beautiful garden. There are three areas inside the garden, the Lawn, Japanese Garden and Western Garden. The Lawn is spacious, situated right in front of the building; the Japanese Garden features a small hill and a pond; the European Garden was occupied by hosing for civil servants then turned into a garden.

Different exhibitions are always opening, making it a place you can visit again and again. This museum’s modern elegance is a masterpiece and a great place for art enthusiasts to visit. 

Garden admission fees: Adults ¥200, University students ¥160, Middle & High school students, over 65 years old ¥100.