You could be looking at just one square metre of this bar and you still wouldn’t be able to ascertain all the details and decorations they have there. It’s overwhelming.

With wooden floors, walls and chairs—as well as sofas draped with bright and colorful blankets—this bar has a cozy, almost cabin-like feel to it. This is contrasted with the hundreds or maybe even thousands of records they have on the walls. What makes World Kitchen Baobab really interesting though is how they have a DJ booth right behind the bar counter and not far from the cash register—how’s that for space-saving?!

If you’re peckish, try one of their many dishes inspired by lands both near and far. As for drinks, their specialty is their coriander cocktail. Not a fan of coriander? No problem; they’ve got a good selection of other alcohol and soft drinks so there is sure to be something for you.

They frequently host live music events which you need to make a reservation for, so be sure to check before you go!