Are you looking for vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Tokyo? Then you should definitely check out the 15 vegetarian and vegan restaurants we want to recommend to you!

Vegetarianism and veganism aren’t huge in Japan. Most of the food here consists of meat products or sauces made with meat. I have heard stories of vegetarians asking for meals without meat but being served chicken or fish, as most people think of “meat” as beef or pork.

Lucky for you vegetarians out there, the vegetarian scene has grown hugely in recent years, and we now have so many tasty veggie eats in Tokyo.

There are currently over 200 restaurants that offer exclusively vegan menus, and these eateries are popping up all over Tokyo. Here, let’s have a look at 15 vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Tokyo that are great and worth a visit. Most vegetarian restaurants have vegan options, so this guide should help whether you are a vegan or a vegetarian.

Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Tokyo

1. Mominoki House

At Mominoki House, vegetarian menus such as vegetable meat karaage and tofu steak are available. For the miso soup, vegetables are used instead of animal broth. Mominoki House only offers natural dishes prepared with organic food and chlorine-free ionised water. Forty years have passed since its establishment. As the chef has experience in offering French cuisine and training in a foreign country, meals are bound to be tasty!

As for dishes, we recommend their bento box and various steak options (tofu, tempeh, and soy meat). And you will be most amazed if you finish your meal with their vegan chocolate ice cream. The restaurant also offers fish and meat options, just in case some of you are in a “meaty” mood. 😊

2. Chipoon

vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Tokyo: Chipoon

Noodles and burgers for vegans and vegetarians can be found at Chipoon. Dishes such as Szechuan vegetable tan-tan noodles (be careful, it is very spicy!) and tofu skin burgers are available. Their ramen is particularly well-praised, especially the black sesame ramen. The price there is very reasonable with a set menu, as it is around 1,000 yen.

3. AFURI Harajuku

AFURI is a ramen shop that uses plenty of freshly harvested vegetables. Hence, vegan visitors may enjoy dining as well. All of the processes, from making soup to adding ingredients, are completely done with vegetables, bringing out the full flavour and taste of the vegetables. Their vegan ramen actually gives you a lot of vegetables and has a very rich broth.

Besides the Harajuku branch, there are branches at Ebisu and Nakameguro, so try one that is located closest to you. Many say that AFURI offers the best vegan ramen that you can find in Tokyo. However, this means that the restaurant is extremely popular, so don’t be surprised if you have to line up. You can expect to spend approximately 900 – 1,300 yen for a ramen, depending on your choice.

4. Soranoiro Japanese Soup Noodle Free Style

Vegetarian ramen can be enjoyed at Soranoiro Japanese Soup Noodle Free Style, a ramen shop that is popular among Japanese people. Now, five branches in Tokyo and one branch in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture are open. Vegan Veggie Ramen served at the main branch in Kojimachi, Tokyo does not use any animal ingredients, and purée of glazed carrot and tomato are mixed into the vegetable broth instead.

As for the noodles, bell peppers are kneaded into the dough during the making process. For an additional 150 yen, gluten-free rice flour noodles are available. In fact, their ramen is so delicious that many non-vegan people enjoy it. Some would request an egg as an additional topping, and it allows non-vegans to enjoy both vegetables and egg protein.

5. Brown Rice by Neal’s Yard Remedies 

Brown Rice is a stylish organic vegetarian restaurant in Harajuku, an upmarket area near Shibuya. They serve traditional Japanese set lunches and you can choose from curry, steamed vegetables, and the seasonal set menu. The cost for a main dish is 1,700 yen for a lunch set, plus an extra 500 yen on weekends. Besides the dishes, Brown Rice has a stunning patio that also attracts many visitors.

6. Sorano (Tofu)

For a special meal without a huge price tag, Sorano in Shibuya is a great option. The restaurant specialises in tofu, but that doesn’t mean everything on the menu is just tofu. At Sorano, there are plenty of vegetarian options marked on the English menu. Some non-vegetarian dishes, such as tuna tartare, are also available. My personal favourites are their tempuras, avocado tofu, and tofu cheesecake. The food there is very plain and clean. Small dishes start from 700 yen. It is recommended to reserve your tables and seats.

7. Curry House CoCo Ichibanya

Curry is a popular comfort food in Japan, and while Japanese curry is different from Indian curry, it’s just as delicious. Many curry places offer a vegetable curry, but it’s likely that the roux contains meat. CoCo Ichibanya, Japan’s largest curry chain, now offers a vegan curry at many of its branches. You need to look out for the special green vegetarian menu where you’ll find many options, including vegetable and eggplant, spinach, mushroom, asparagus, and tomato.

8. Zen (Okonomiyaki)

Okonomiyaki is a kind of cabbage pancake that usually contains meat or seafood but can be made vegetarian. Zen is the perfect option for vegetarians in Shinjuku, as they have an English menu with a vegetarian section at the back which explains the ingredients of the many types of okonomiyaki. The okonomiyaki is not vegan, but they have a small vegan menu with some noodle and vegetable dishes. This place is also recommendable to meat lovers because their meat okonomiyakis are incredibly delicious.

9. T’s Tantan

T’s Tantan is an entirely vegan ramen restaurant in Tokyo Station! This is so convenient if you are passing through the massive station where many of the city’s local trains and bullet trains around the country depart. There are many different ramen choices, including white, black, or gold sesame, shoyu (soy sauce), tonkotsu, and mapo tofu. We had the mapo on our latest visit and found it nicely spicy, full of flavour, and packed with greens.


Another excellent all-vegan restaurant is AIN SOPH., with locations in Ginza, Ikebukuro, and the Shinjuku area. Each restaurant’s menu varies slightly, but all offer high-quality, organic, nutritionally balanced options. One casual option, AIN SOPH. Ripple in Shinjuku Kabukicho, specialises in vegan fast food with a selection of hamburgers, sandwiches, and sides. For those with a sweet tooth, AIN SOPH. is known for its decadent pancakes, which are available at the Ginza, Ikebukuro, and Shinjuku Sanchome branches, and come in regular and seasonal varieties. We recommend sharing a special dessert with a loved one to end your out-of-the-ordinary meal.

11. Falafel Brothers

If you are craving something different in Tokyo, how about biting into a crispy falafel pita sandwich at Falafel Brothers? With locations in Shibuya, Roppongi, and Ebisu, and delivery on UberEats, falafel is a convenient, satisfying choice when your tastebuds want something besides Japanese food.

The owners of Falafel Brothers are passionate about providing authentic and hearty vegan food and showing how delicious chickpeas can be to diners. From classic pita sandwiches to fried soy meat covered in traditional tahini sauce, to a hummus smoothie, there are so many playful options to enjoy. Stop by a shop for a casual, fun meal, or order to-go to enjoy your meal from the comfort of your lodging or home (delivery available only for certain parts of Tokyo).

Falafel Brothers is one of the top vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Tokyo, offering a diverse range of delicious and hearty options.


THE FARM CAFE is nestled by the Sumida River in Asakusa on the historic Sukeroku Yumedori Street. Diners can savour a variety of all-vegan lunch and dinner options here, from meal sets with seasonal ingredients to tempura rice bowls and hearty sandwiches. The restaurant is small and friendly, perfect for solo diners.

13. HealthyTOKYO Cafe & Shop

HealthyTOKYO Cafe is an all-vegan eatery offering tasty, nutrition-filled meals, cakes, and CBD oil-infused goods. With locations at Haneda Airport and in Harajuku, it is a great, easy option when looking for something healthy and hearty.

14. Komaki Shokudo

Komaki Shokudo in Akihabara offers traditional Buddhist cuisine-inspired Japanese fare that is all vegan. The ingredients and dishes change every day according to the season and the ingredients in stock. An excellent option for lunch or dinner, the restaurant is located inside the Chabara shopping building underneath the JR train tracks, a short walk away from Akihabara Station. Savour a balanced, plant-based meal of miso soup, tofu dishes, and other deliciously prepared Japanese vegetables.

15. PreMarche Gelateria

For something sweet and cool, nothing beats the creamy, vegan-friendly gelato at PreMarche Gelateria. Located in the stylish Nakameguro area, this is the ideal place for indulging in a classic frozen dessert. The high-quality gelato here has won international awards and is friendly for those with allergies or avoiding certain ingredients.

Of the forty total flavours, around 18 are vegan, and several other flavours are non-dairy and sweetened with honey.

Share Your Vegetarian and Vegan Adventures in Tokyo

What’s your attitude towards veganism and/or vegetarianism? Have you ever been to one of these vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Tokyo? Which ones would you recommend? We know there are many more restaurants offering delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes out there, so write to us if one of your favourites isn’t covered in our list! 😊

Tokyo has seen a significant rise in vegetarian and vegan dining options, reflecting a growing global trend towards plant-based eating. In 2020, the global vegan food market was valued at approximately $14.4 billion and is expected to continue growing. Japan, known for its traditional meat and fish-based cuisine, is also embracing this shift, with a 2019 survey showing that nearly 9.2% of the population identified as vegetarian or vegan, a number that has likely increased in recent years.

Whether you’re a long-time vegan or just curious about plant-based cuisine, Tokyo offers a vibrant and diverse culinary scene. From innovative takes on traditional Japanese dishes to international favourites reimagined, there’s something for everyone. So, dive into the city’s rich vegan and vegetarian offerings and discover your new favourite spots. Your tastebuds will thank you!