Wherever you wander, there’s a good chance you’ll stumble upon some eerie spots, unexplained phenomena, and deserted ruins. Japan boasts its fair share of dark and spooky places, making it a haven for enthusiasts of the macabre. Known as “haikyo”, these haunted places in Japan add an extra layer of thrill to any adventure.

Unveiling the Eerie: Listing Down the Haunted Places in Japan

1. Toyama Park

Haunted Places in Japan: Toyama Park

Even amidst the bustling crowds of Tokyo, one of the city’s most haunted spots lurks at Hakone Yama in Toyama Park. By day, this park bustles with activity, but by night, it transforms into a realm of ghostly sightings and unsettling sounds. Once a Medical College and Hospital, it now whispers tales of its grim past as a training ground for an Imperial Army Unit notorious for its horrifying experiments.

Visitors recount hearing cries and screams amidst the darkness, reminding us to tread carefully through this eerie terrain of haunted places in Japan.

2. Himuro Mansion

Haunted_Abandoned Locations in Japan Himuro Mansion

Just a stone’s throw away from Tokyo lies an old mansion that once housed the Himuro family, bearing witness to their tragic demise. Practising the occult regularly, the family attempted an annual ritual, known as the “Strangling Ritual”, to cleanse the earth of negative karma. However, when a chosen maiden fell in love with a family member, disrupting the ritual, chaos ensued. Fearing the consequences, the patriarch took drastic measures, wiping out the entire family before taking his own life.

Legend has it that their tormented souls linger within, striving to complete the interrupted ritual. Strange sightings and eerie noises haunt the mansion, sending shivers down the spine of those who dare to venture near.

3. Sunshine 60

Haunted_Abandoned Locations in Japan Sunshine 60

Despite its innocuous name and unassuming appearance, this towering skyscraper harbours a dark past beneath its gleaming facade. Once Japan’s tallest building until 1991, Sunshine 60 in Ikebukuro carries the weight of its history, built upon the former site of Sugamo Prison.

This infamous prison housed political dissidents and thousands of prisoners of war, witnessing numerous executions, including that of Prime Minister Hideko Tojo. Visitors have reported eerie encounters and unexplained phenomena throughout the skyscraper, hinting at its haunted past.

4. Komine Tunnel

Haunted_Abandoned Locations in Japan Komine Tunnel

This desolate tunnel bears witness to a gruesome chapter in Japan’s history, stained by the atrocities of serial killer Miyazaki Tsutomu. Infamous for his heinous acts between 1988 and 1989, Tsutomu’s legacy lives on at Komine Tunnel, where he brutally murdered a seven-year-old girl.

Despite his eventual capture and execution in 2008, the tunnel’s eerie atmosphere persists. Reports of encountering the ghostly figure of the mutilated girl, accompanied by screams and phantom touches, deter many from venturing into the old Komine Tunnel, now relegated to a mere walking path within Komine Park, Hajiouji, Tokyo.

5. Hachioji Castle

Haunted_Abandoned Locations in Japan Hachioji Castle

Being a war site for over hundreds of years has turned this castle into the home of many ghosts. However, not much is left of the castle today as the Hojo once ruled it, then it was taken over by Tokugawa Ieyasu who gave the order to destroy the castle. For a long time after this, no one went near the ruins, but in 1817 the villagers built a statue that says “Lord have mercy on us” to try to appease the spirits.

There have been numerous sightings of warrior spirits, accidents occurring if people try to mess with the land, and even reports of bad things occurring to people in the days following their visit to the castle ruins. Located in Hachioji, this site is open for the public to see and make offerings to the spirits.

6. Kejonuma Leisure Land (abandoned)

Haunted_Abandoned Locations in Japan Kejonuma Leisure Land

In Osaki, Miyagi, originally built in 1979 was Kejonuma Leisure Land. This was an amusement park near the Kejonuma Dam, and it was made to bring a little bit of fun and joy to people after the end of World War II. The thousands of visitors stopped soon after the establishment of Disneyland and Universal Studios Tokyo, and because of the economic collapse.

What was once a land of life and fun is now an overgrown patch of land with some old shut-down amusement park rides, like the Ferris wheel, spinning tea cups, a carousel, and more. It is also rumoured that the park was jinxed to be cursed when it was built because of its proximity to the pond that was supposedly where a woman drowned herself after giving birth to a snake-like child. Whether this is some myth or the reason the fate of Kejonuma Leisure Land was sealed, it still remains a bit of an underrated gem amongst the abandoned haunted places in Japan.

7. Gunkanjima (Battleship Island)

Haunted_Abandoned Locations in Japan Gunkanjima

15 km from Nagasaki, this is an abandoned island, also known as Hashima Island, which was once a mining facility. In the early 1900s, the island was said to be filled with coal and was inhabited by workers to mine, then it quickly became a little island city.

With workers and families living there, it had mining, schools, a hospital, grocery stores, restaurants, etc, and it became the place with the highest population density in the world. Eventually, though, all the coal was found and taken, leaving no purpose to the island. This caused Mitsubishi, who originally organized the mining on the island, to shut it down.

Everyone left after that, leaving nothing behind but buildings themselves, being left to the elements and weather. Countless typhoons and the sea itself have caused the island to be overgrown with weeds and seaweed, and the island was closed for a long time, not allowing anyone on. Around 2009-2010, the island opened up for visitors only through guided tours. Just taking a quick boat trip to the island and seeing what was left behind by this immensely populated city is mind-blowing.

8. Nichitsu Clinic

Haunted_Abandoned Locations in Japan Nichitsu Clinic

This is one of the many abandoned clinics you can find around Japan, but it is in the city of Nichitsu which is also completely abandoned. The city is quite a ways out from Tokyo, and 50 km from Chichibu, Saitama, and you’re only able to get there through your own transportation, but worth it to see such a unique place.

Nichitsu was also known to be a mining town in the early to mid-1900s, but in the 80s it seems to have been left behind in the blink of an eye. While some people say it is because the mines were all emptied by this point, it doesn’t explain where everyone went, and more importantly, why all the houses and businesses still contain everyone’s belongings. Books, cooking utensils, clothes, karaoke machines, toys, etc all remain in the houses, and the clinic still has all of its equipment as well, along with some human organs.

Famously, the Nichitsu brain was left here, but it was stolen some time ago, other than that this place seems to be a jumbled mess of x-rays, some questionable medicines, and medical equipment. Why this place seems to have been left in a hurry is unknown, but it remains for people to explore and wonder about.

9. Kappa (Kinugawa) Onsen Hotel

Haunted_Abandoned Locations in Japan Kappa (Kinugawa) Onsen Hotel

Found in Nikko, Tochigi, this once beautiful resort has been left in a dilapidated state after it was shut down in 1999 due to a lack of business. The Kinugawa River flows through this area, and so, many hot springs and resorts were built and served many customers over the years, but after the collapse of the bank, the flow of customers stopped.

Being ravaged by nature, time has not been too kind to the Kappa Onsen Hotel, but you are still able to take a quick trip inside to see what remains of the traditional style Japanese hot spring. With its location being cliffside and right next to the Kinugawa River, it is unlikely that it will be torn down, and there are no plans to repair it anytime soon, so it is a free place to roam and explore.

10. Ashio Copper Mine

Haunted_Abandoned Locations in Japan Ashio Copper Mine

Found in Ashio, Nikko, Tochigi, the Ashio Copper Mine and the surrounding town were a bustling, busy place in the late 1800s to the late 1900s. It was the site of the Ashio Copper Mine Incident which was Japan’s first pollution disaster and caused many problems within the city. Once production slowly declined and they shut down the copper mining, the city also fell into ruins. What was once closed down, and going to be shut off from the public, is now open for touring. Whether you want to explore the ruins of the city or go into the copper mine, anything is open.

With this site being popular in Japan’s history it is a famous ruin now turned into an attraction, open year-round, with guided tours through the mines costing 410 yen for elementary and junior high students, and 830 yen for high school students and older.

11. Sogi Power Plant

Haunted_Abandoned Locations in Japan Sogi Power Plant remains

In Isa city, Kagoshima Prefecture and built in 1907, this power plant is a historical site that used flowing water to generate electricity. It was constructed at the completion of the Tsuruta Dam, marking an important moment in Japan’s industrial history. After the construction of the Shimotaki Power Plant and the Sogi Power Plant, it mostly sank into Lake Otsuru, becoming the ruins we know today.

The best time to see these ruins is from May to September when the water level is low, and you can see the whole of the power plant. At any other time of the year, the water rises, and the Sogi Power Plant is submerged, adding to its allure as one of the haunted places in Japan.

12. Sarushima (Monkey Island)

Haunted_Abandoned Locations in Japan Sarushima (Monkey Island)

Located in Kanagawa Prefecture, this former military base is now converted into a park of sorts. This ruin site was always kept clean after its main use in World War II and was turned into a makeshift park for people to tour. More family-friendly than some of the other ruin sites, it just takes a quick boat ride from New Mikasa Pier, and you can explore the whole island, and even stop by the beach if you’re visiting in the summer. Whether you’re there for a couple of hours or a whole day, Sarushima is a history-rich ruin location great for exploring.

13. Okunoshima

Haunted_Abandoned Locations in Japan Okunoshima

This island, now a national park and known as “Rabbit Island,” was once the site for the production of poison gas weapons during World War II. This island was once kept secret and erased from maps so the weapons would be confidential, but it’s now open to camp and visit while looking at all the ruins of the buildings that were used throughout the island to make these weapons. You are not able to go into the buildings, but taking photos and walking around them is perfectly okay. You can also see the 900 rabbits roaming the island and going in and out of these buildings.

It was said that rabbits were used as test subjects during the times the weapons were made and that these rabbits are the descendants, but experts have also noted that all the test rabbits were exterminated. Okunoshima is found in Takehara city, Hiroshima Prefecture, and remains one of the haunting places in Japan.

14. Kitazawa Floating Mineral Processing Site

Haunted_Abandoned Locations in Japan Kitazawa Floating Mineral Processing Site

These ruins are in Sado City, Niigata Prefecture, and they are said to be a hidden gem of ruins, not known by many. As a flotation site, it requires a lot of space to operate, which is why this ruin site is so vast. Since so much energy was needed as well, there is a separate power plant built next to the flotation site.

After the 1950s, the site wasn’t used much as the activities in mining lessened, but the flotation site and power plant still remain, being overgrown by plants and vines. It is a scenic ruin being lit up at night making it even more spectacular, and there is an attempt to get this site on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites.

15. Kasagi Kanko Hotel

Haunted_Abandoned Locations in Japan Kasagi Kanko Hotel

This abandoned and maybe even haunted hotel is in Kasagi, Soraku-Gun, Kyoto Prefecture. Many people have reported some supernatural occurrences since it was said that the owner of this hotel committed suicide by arson. Being a popular haunted and abandoned location, the inside is a little worse for wear, with graffiti lining the walls, burn marks all over the building, and natural decay.

However, the view from inside the hotel, overlooking Kyoto is still a beautiful site. Whether haunted or not, this once-famous onsen hotel is now a famous abandoned location frequented by people from all over the world, adding to the list of haunted places in Japan.

16. Bungomori Engine Bank

Haunted_Abandoned Locations in Japan Bungomori Engine Bank

In Kusu, Oita Prefecture, there is an old roundhouse that served the purpose of housing cars in the 1900s. Shut down in 1971 due to the expansive takeover of diesel, the roundhouse now sits looking like an old amphitheatre in Kusu. The locals love this ruin, keeping it as a sort of historical landmark, and with decades of history built into it, the Bungomori Engine Bank is a unique and fun ruin to explore.

17. Gulliver’s Kingdom

Haunted_Abandoned Locations in Japan Gulliver’s Kingdom

Located in Fujikawaguchiko, Minamitsuru-Gun, Yamanashi Prefecture, near the base of Mt. Fuji, the remnants of this failed amusement park sit. The park seemed to be doomed from the start; it is not your usual amusement park with roller coasters and such, but more of a mini replica city based on the book “Gulliver’s Travels.” With huge statues of characters, it was a bit ominous looking, and the location wasn’t helpful, as it was right beside the Aokigahara also known as the “Suicide Forest.”

Combining the different aspects of this theme park, it is no surprise it ended up crumbling soon after its construction and now sits as an abandoned site. People may go there to see what remains of the park or as a test of courage to see how long they can last there, but it now seems that Gulliver’s Kingdom is more popular as a ruin than as an actual theme park, adding to the list of haunted places in Japan.

Unraveling Japan’s Haunted and Abandoned Wonders

Whether you relish the eerie atmosphere of these places, seek to challenge yourself, or simply possess a genuine curiosity about haunted and abandoned attractions, Japan beckons you to explore. Haikyo, ingrained in Japanese culture, offers a diverse array of experiences.

Some locations exude spine-chilling vibes, while others captivate with their haunting beauty – and sometimes, they embody both. Yet, each is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered and explored. No matter where you are in Japan, intriguing Haikyo sites await, offering glimpses into Japan’s history and perhaps testing your courage along the way.