If you’re someone who lives by the motto “phone eats first,” then this post is just what you need! Whether you’re mesmerised by latte art, tempted by cheese-pulls, or craving Japanese classics like melon soda, you’re in for a treat.

In this blog, we’ve curated a list of 23 of the most Instagrammable restaurants and cafes in Tokyo, each offering its own unique charm and photogenic appeal. And to make your decision-making even easier, we’ve included some inspiring pictures taken by other patrons. So get ready to add some new spots to your must-visit list and capture those Insta-worthy moments!

1. Nikudoresukaisendon (Kichijoji)


Credit: Takuno Tokyo Kanagawa Gourmet

This restaurant features thinly sliced pieces of A4 Japanese Black Wagyu Beef and seafood are carefully arranged around a bowl of rice, resembling the skirt of a dress. The main store is in Kichijoji, but owing to its popularity, there is also a location in Shibuya. The Kichijoji spot is rather cosy, so expect a bit of a wait, but trust me, it’s worth it!

2.  ALL  SEASONS COFFEE (Shinjuku)

Instagrammable Restaurants & Cafes All SEASONS COFFEE


This cafe, just a short stroll from Shinjuku Station, is popular for its pudding and cheesecake.

A quick search on Instagram reveals a plethora of stylish images courtesy of this cafe. The classic pudding boasts a firm texture that’s simply irresistible, especially with a cherry on top. Their homemade cheesecake, adorned with large Oreo pieces, is both visually striking and delicious. Grab a friend so you can indulge in both treats!

3. Saraiken (Kinshicho)

Instagrammable Restaurants & Cafes Saraiken _ Kinshicho

Credit: BS FUJI

Next on the list is Sairaiken, where classic Chinese cuisine awaits. This restaurant boasts a rich history and a quaint Chinatown aesthetic. For just 450 yen, you can savour their delectable gyoza – a steal! The homely atmosphere, with the owner and his grandchild working together, adds to its charm.

The standout dish here is the “five-meat fried rice” – a gomoku fried rice topped with tamagoyaki, thickly sliced pork, large shrimp, and kamaboko. Not only is it perfect for your feed, but it also evokes a delightful sense of nostalgia.

4. Kissa You (Ginza)

Instagrammable Restaurants & Cafes Kissa You Omurice _ Ginza


 This is a long-established coffee shop that was founded in 1970 and has graced Ginza for over half a century.

Known for its fluffy omelette rice (omurice) with its perfectly plump appearance, this spot offers sets at a reasonable 1300 yen. The omelette rice is characterised by its smooth, fluffy, and buttery interior, topped with a simple ketchup sauce in their signature squiggle design. The moment you crack open the omelette is picture-perfect for your post! Look out for the neon green “YOU” sign to locate this historic cafe.

5. Shiroikuro (Azabujuban)

Instagrammable Restaurants & Cafes Shiroikuro _ Azabujuban

Credit: Shiroikuro

Indulge in sweets and tea made with Tanba black soybeans at this tranquil shop in Azabu Juban. With a name translating to “white and black,” aesthetic treats abound here. The famous white and black roll cake reigns supreme, making it a popular choice for visitors. You can even take one home as a souvenir! For those seeking a less sweet option with a traditional Japanese taste, don’t miss the black bean salty daifuku. It offers a mature sweetness coupled with an elegant black soybean flavour.

Moreover, the interior of the cafe, remodelled from a historic home, exudes a nostalgic ambiance. The black and white decor complements the monochrome-themed food perfectly, promising the most aesthetic of cafe posts.

6. Bar Aurum (Ginza) 

Instagrammable Restaurants & Cafes Bar Aurum

Credit: BoB the garden Ginza

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect spot for afternoon tea, look no further than Jewel Box Ginza, formally known as BAR AURUM, home to boB the Garden cafe. Specialising in soft-boiled caneles that are perfectly moist, you’ll not only enjoy your time here but also the delectable sweets. The platter of offerings is set against a whimsical forest backdrop, evoking the enchantment of a magical fairy garden – perfect for your Instagram page.

7. Cafe Jewelry Box (Karasuyama)

Instagrammable Restaurants & Cafes Melon soda at Hosekibako

Credit: Lafary

The retro vibe of this cafe is evident in its signage and cosy interior. Cafe Jewel Box Box offers a wide array of menu items commonly found in coffee shops. The background music and sundries exude a Showa-era charm that’s both retro and adorable. Whether you’re a child of the Showa period or not, this coffee shop is sure to delight. And don’t miss out on their cream soda – it’s undeniably the cutest thing on the menu with a rainbow of colourful options to choose from!

8. Gion (Asagaya)

Instagrammable Restaurants & Cafes Gion _ Asagaya

Credit: Blister

Head over to Gion in Asagaya for a whimsical experience that’ll transport you back to childhood wonder. Sip on a brightly coloured melon soda as you swing away, surrounded by pink walls that add to the fantasy. And don’t be fooled by the picture – this cream soda is MASSIVE! The playful interior paired with vibrant soda makes for an intriguing addition to your feed.

9. MOKUBAZA (Kitasando) 

Instagrammable Restaurants and Cafes in Tokyo Keema Curry at MOKUBAZA


Craving some curry? Mokubaza in Kitasando has you covered with its popular “Cheese Keema Curry” – a visual and culinary delight! Melted cheese, egg yolk, and spiced keema curry create a mouthwatering combination that’s rapidly gaining popularity. And when you’re at MOKUBAZA, trying this dish is a must!

10. Nandaimon Norimaki (Shin-Okubo) 

Instagrammable Restaurants & Cafes Cheese-pull moment with Cheese Dakgalbi


In Shin-Okubo, “Nandaimon Norimaki” offers a delightful twist on the popular Korean dish, cheese dakgalbi. Sweet and spicy chicken and tteokbokki on either side of a river of cheese promise a satisfying cheese-pull. Don’t forget to try the variety of makgeolli, a Korean rice wine, on offer. With vibrant colours and diverse drinks, this restaurant guarantees a great night out. 

11. Route Books (Higashi-Ueno) 

Instagrammable Restaurants & Cafes Route Book _ Higashi-Ueno

Credit: Route Books

At ROUTE BOOKS, nestled in a serene corner of Harajuku, antique furniture and lush greenery create a tranquil ambiance. Enjoy two types of coffee, homemade sweets, and beer amidst the soothing atmosphere. Whether you’re unwinding after work or taking a leisurely day off, ROUTE BOOKS offers a haven surrounded by books and greenery.

12.  Goldfish Cafe (Kawagoe)

Instagrammable Restaurants & Cafes Goldfish Cafe _ Kawagoe

Credit: saitama_gourmet

Venture outside Tokyo to Kingyo-tei, also known as Goldfish Store, for an Instagram-worthy experience. With goldfish decorations, Kingyo-yaki (goldfish-shaped tayaki), and Ramune with goldfish-shaped jellies, this cafe is undeniably adorable. The charming interior and treats are sure to brighten up your feed!

13. Working Holiday Connection (Harajuku)

Instagrammable Restaurants & Cafes Working Holiday Connection _ Harajuku

Credit: hirono_yummy

In Harajuku, indulge in fluffy pancakes and juicy burgers at this cosy spot. The “Ricotta pancake” is a crowd-pleaser, known for its texture and vibrant matcha pancake with green sauce. With a wide variety of cafe meals and options to choose from, this place has something for everyone.

14.  Kitasando Coffee Lab (Shibuya)

Instagrammable Restaurants & Cafes Kitasando Coffee Lab _ Shibuya


Kitasando Coffee Lab, a new branch of Kitasando Coffee, opened in July 2022, boasting a stylish minimalist black-and-white interior. Serving only monochrome drinks, including black sesame latte and hojicha tea latte, this cafe is a haven for lovers of clean aesthetics. Don’t miss their black tart filled with coffee and rum for a delicious treat. Just remember, this shop is completely cashless.

15. Chacha Futatsume (Takadanobaba) 

Instagrammable Restaurants & Cafes Chacha Futatsume _ Takadanobaba

Credit: chacha.futatsume

At this Japanese tea cafe in Takadanobaba, you can enjoy an ice cream cone that looks like spaghetti – a catchy addition to your Instagram feed. Made from Green Tea Chestnut with layers of Mascarpone Cream, Bean Paste, Agar Jelly, and more, this treat is as refreshing as it is eye-catching.

16. Jazz Bar Kohaku (Shibuya)

Instagrammable Restaurants & Cafes Jazz Bar Kohaku _ Shibuya

Credit: Udagawa Cafe Group

Jazz bar Kohaku, located in Shibuya, promises a smoky secret base with delicious cocktails and captivating live jazz music. Though a bit pricier, the atmospheric experience is well worth it for jazz enthusiasts.

17. Nihonbashi Brewery T.S (Tokyo Station)

Instagrammable Restaurants & Cafes Nihonbashi Brewery T.S _ Tokyo Station

Credit: koolkooly2

Directly connected to the Yaesu South Exit of Tokyo Station, this craft beer restaurant offers 13 kinds of craft beer and aims to make the best pudding in Japan. Enjoy fluffy desserts while savouring some of the best craft beer Japan has to offer.

18. BLUE LEAF CAFÉ Ueno (Ueno Station)

Instagrammable Restaurants & Cafes BLUE LEAF CAFÉ Ueno


In Ikebukuro Tobu Department Store’s restaurant area, indulge in delicious seasonal French toast topped with cream red berries – a gourmet delight for every foodie. With a balance of sourness and sweetness, it’s perfect for your Instagram feed. And don’t miss the adorable parfaits with panda-shaped whipped cream!

19.  Latte Art Mania (Gaienmae) 

Instagrammable Restaurants & Cafes Latte Art Mania _ Gaienmae


Known for captivating latte art, this industrial cafe invites you to witness the creation of your one-of-a-kind foam art before your eyes. Try their Black Affogato with charcoal-dyed ice cream and espresso for an even more attractive picture.

20. Hattifnatt (Kichijoji) 

Instagrammable Restaurants & Cafes Hattifnatt _ Kichijoji


With a charming interior and even cuter food, this cafe is Instagram heaven. From impressively cute latte art to adorably decorated cakes, every corner is meant for pictures. And while the wait times may be a tad long, the charming interior and delicious food make up for it.

21. 2foods (Shibuya) 

Instagrammable Restaurants & Cafes Vegan Donuts and Burgers _ Shibuya

Credit: @m_7_27_m

2foods in Shibuya caters to those with dietary restrictions, offering vegan food that’s both highly revered and aesthetically pleasing. Check out their vibrant salad for a picture-perfect meal.

22. Namu Cafe (Harajuku) 

Instagrammable Restaurants & Cafes Macarons at Namu Cafe _ Harajuku

Credit: beige._cafe

If you’re in the mood for cute macarons and a boho-beige aesthetic, head to Namu Cafe! With dreamy layered espresso/milk lattes and adorable BT21-shaped macarons, it’s a must-visit for dessert lovers.

23. Saryosuisen (Ikebukuro) 

Instagrammable Restaurants & Cafes Matcha Foam Art _ Ikebukuro

Credit: Saryosuisen

Love matcha? Look no further than Saryosuisen in Ikebukuro Tobu Department Store. Enjoy delicious matcha and adorable foam art, perfect for your Instagram feed. Just remember to aim for a weekday visit to avoid the crowds.

Final Bites on Tokyo’s Most Picture-Perfect Eats

These are our top recommendations for the most aesthetic restaurants and cafes in Tokyo that are a must-visit for your Instagram feed! From unique Japanese delicacies to cute photo opportunities, we hope you’ll find this guide helpful.

So go ahead, explore, and capture all the cute photo ops that Japan is known and loved for!