Planning a night out in Shibuya bars? Shibuya, often hailed as Tokyo’s most famous neighborhood, boasts an array of attractions that draw visitors from around the globe. From the iconic scramble crossing to the revered statue of the loyal Hachiko, Shibuya is steeped in history and culture.

But it’s not just landmarks that make Shibuya a must-visit destination; it’s also home to a plethora of entertainment options.

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Dive into the vibrant nightlife scene, where you’ll discover a diverse selection of bars, restaurants, boutiques, and leisure facilities, including karaoke spots, shisha joints, darts and pool halls, and arcades. Whether you’re a local seeking a new hotspot or a tourist eager to experience Tokyo’s nightlife, Shibuya has something for everyone. So, lace up your shoes, navigate through the bustling streets, and prepare for an unforgettable evening of revelry in Shibuya bars.

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It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of things Shibuya has to offer, all highlighted by glowing neon signs and Japanese scrawls advertising bargains and deals. It might be difficult to figure out where to go for a good night out. To help you, we’ve made a list of some of our favourite underground bars in Shibuya.

Underground Shibuya Bars You Should Know

Bar 1985

Shibuya bars: Bar 1985
Credit: Cafe & Bar1985

Though it’s named 1985, the bar has a more modern vibe than retro. There are two floors (ground floor and basement), depending on what kind of night out you want.

If you want to socialise and maybe make new friends, the first floor is a better place to be, with its wide-open windows and shared table. Head to the basement, which is smaller and darker, if you prefer to have a private night out with your own friends!

Shisha Salon Chillin’

Shisha Salon Chillin'
Credit: Tokyo Night Owl

Probably not the first place that you think of when you’re trying to decide where to drink in Shibuya, but an amazing place to relax and enjoy shisha. Shisha Salon Chillin’ is a chain of shisha joints, and they have three branches in Shibuya, though we recommend this one.

They let you bring in your own food and drinks so you can save some cash and get cheap 150-200 yen food and drinks from the convenience store, instead of shelling out the typical 700-900 yen for food and drinks in other bars.

It’s one shisha per pair, so if you’re in a group of three planning to share one shisha, that’s not gonna fly; you’re going to have to order two. They’ve got a wide range of 60 flavours, though, and you can mix and match!



This bar is probably not the first place that pops into your head when you think of Shibuya nightlife but it’s definitely worth the visit.

Switch has a classier vibe, with people sipping on expertly crafted cocktails and fancy whiskey. It’s got a lovely interior, warm shades of yellow and brown, and random decorations.

But, the best part of Switch has got to be its menu. They’ve got seasonal cocktails that make use of the current season’s fruits; they can be sweet or sour but they’re definitely refreshing and new. Other classic cocktails like G&Ts and Moscow Mules are also crisp and mouth-smackingly delicious here. If you prefer cocktails over beer, then come to Switch!


Credit: Tabelog

Enjoy the comforts of a living room in this cosy, homey bar. This Shibuya establishment has got sumptuously padded seating and even cushier cushions, with low coffee tables to make you feel at home. Lighting is dim and comfortable as opposed to industrial and intrusive.

Reality isn’t the place to visit if you’re looking for a crazy night out. Instead, it’s the place for a chill, relaxed, and intimate evening out for drinks and dinner with friends. They also serve Italian cuisine, and their risotto is especially tasty, so try that out!

Sound Bar Lip

Credit: Google Images

If you’re missing your furry friends during your stay in Japan, Sound Bar Lip offers a unique solution. Meet Goten, an adorable and lively French bulldog terrier who calls this bar home. While enjoying your drinks, Goten will roam around, greeting guests and spreading joy. Although you won’t have him by your side all night, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to interact with him and indulge in some playful petting.

While the drinks here may be slightly more expensive compared to other venues, the chance to spend time with a canine companion makes it a worthwhile experience.


Nomihoudai, All-you-can-drink in Japan, All you need to know and the best places camelot club

There are many clubs in Shibuya but this is a favourite of ours! One of the most famous clubs in Shibuya, Camelot has three floors, each playing different genres of music. So, if you don’t like the beats on one floor, just check out another.

This is the place to hit up when you’re already drunk and tipsy from a night of bar-hopping. Come here to dance till the first train’s running again!

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