Here, let's take a look at the top 10 Muslim-friendly halal restaurants in Tokyo that we'd like to recommend to you!
Top 10 Muslim-friendly Halal restaurants in Tokyo

Muslim tourists and residents of Japan alike face the problem of easily finding halal restaurants. But recently, with the spread and increase of Muslim tourists and residents, the number of Halal restaurants in Tokyo that provide Halal-certified products has increased.  Frequently seen on foods and drinks, Halal refers to food and actions that follow the rules of Islam. Therefore, restaurants and foods that are certified Halal follow Islamic law and can be consumed by Muslims without worries.

Here, let’s take a look at the top 10 Muslim-friendly halal restaurants in Tokyo that we’d like to recommend to you!

10 Halal restaurants in Tokyo

1. Gyumon

A popular halal restaurant for Muslims is Gyumon, located just off Meiji-dori in Shibuya. This yakiniku restaurant has delicious cuts of beef for you to grill. All their meat is certified by the Malaysia Halal Corporation as well. Ordering is simple: just choose the cut you would like and they’ll serve it to you raw. The meat is marinated in salt and pepper allowing you to savour the beef. It is considered one of the most authentic Japanese halal restaurants due to its intimate setting, making it a popular place for both tourists and locals. The ¥4,000 set is a good option as it features three of their most popular cuts of beef.

2. Ramen Ouka

Ramen Ouka located in Shinjuku is a restaurant owned and staffed by Muslims. Their menu is very simple and there are three different ramen to choose from: halal ramen, halal spicy ramen and vegan ramen. Portion sizes range from small to extra large. You can choose your preferred broth, whether its high-quality sea bream, sea kelp or a vegetarian option. Each serving also comes with some grilled chicken and yakitori (or a vegetarian option) as well as a complimentary bowl of rice and specialty tea at the end. A regular portion of ramen costs ¥1,100.

3. Ramen Honolu Ebisu

Located a few minutes walk from Ebisu station, Honolulu Ebisu is one of the most popular ramen restaurants in Tokyo. They have a halal-friendly menu and serve some creative halal ramen.  You can enjoy the ramen any way you like, whether it’s spicy, with soy sauce or with karaage.Besides ramen, they also sell takoyaki and gyoza, which are made from chicken and tofu. Ramen from ¥780. 


SAIDO is a Vegan restaurant that opened in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo in 2018. The restaurant was recently voted as the best Vegan restaurant in the world by Happy Cow. SAIDO’s innovative vegan and Muslim-friendly Japanese cuisine nourishes the body and soul, and offers visitors a new Japanese food experience. They don’t use any animal products such as meat or seafood, chemical additives, refined sugar or the 5 pungent roots in the recipes.

5. Asakusa Sushi Ken

Asakusa Sushi Ken is Tokyo’s first Halal Sushi restaurant. Sushi is usually served with vinegar and soy sauce which contains alcohol; however, Asakusa Sushi Ken only serves Halal ingredients including alcohol-free vinegar and soy sauce. You can enjoy amazing quality sushi with selected fresh ingredients by their chef with over 10 years experience. Various authentic Japanese side dishes are also available.

6. Yakiniku Panga

Yakiniku Panga is a Muslim-Friendly Yakiniku (Japanese style BBQ) located in Shin Okachimachi near the famous Ueno Park. The restaurant offers delicious and mouthwatering Halal Wagyu beef including A5-rank beef. The shop purchases a whole cow which allows them to serve the meat from various parts and with reasonable prices. You can also enjoy A3–4 rank Wagyu beef at a cheaper price during lunch time.

7. Tokyo Chinese Muslim Restaurant

Located just a few minutes walk from Kinshicho station in Sumida is Tokyo Chinese Muslim Restaurant. Chinese food, or Chuka, is incredibly popular in Japan. This restaurant has some very tasty Chinese halal food that is definitely worth trying. Here you can expect the highest quality of halal food prepared by their in-house halal chef. They don’t serve pork and instead use beef which is all sourced from a halal-certified American company and a halal butcher in Saitama. There is also a prayer room where customers are welcome to use before and after meals. Prices are under ¥1,000 during the day and are between ¥2,000 and ¥3,000 during the night.

8. Hanasakaji-san, Shibuya

Located in Shibuya, Hanasakiji-san is the most popular halal-certified shabu-shabu restaurant in Tokyo. It was also the first restaurant in Japan to be certified as a local halal restaurant, which combines halal and authentic Japanese food, allowing customers to get the best of both worlds. The meat is sourced from Miyazaki, Kyushu, where one of the very few halal butchers prepare the meat before sending it to be served. All the ingredients in the shabu-shabu courses are 100% halal certified. The shabu-shabu starts from ¥4,000 per person.

9. Annam Indian Restaurant Ginza

This restaurant is one of the few in Tokyo that has a family lounge. They serve traditional Indian food and you can order spicy or regular. The restaurant is famous for its tandoori chicken. There are, however, some minor issues such as the prices being somewhat higher than the rest of the other restaurants.

10. The Kebab Factory Halal

This restaurant is the cheapest in Tokyo in terms of price for the amount of food served. They serve delicious Turkish food and offer a varied menu. One of their famous dishes we recommend you try is Echkin Shish Kebab.

What do you think about these halal restaurants in Tokyo? If you’re interested, definitely check out one or more of these options on your next adventure around Tokyo. If you know a halal restaurant in Japan you’d like to recommend for us, definitely let us know!


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