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Where to go in spring in Japan 32 most beautiful places in Japan

Where to go in spring in Japan: 32 most beautiful places in Japan

Japan has four seasons, and spring is one of the most popular seasons here. When thinking about where to go in spring in Japan, there are many spots in the country with beautiful colourful flowers such as cherry blossoms, rape blossoms/nanohana, tulips, nemophila, and wisteria flowers. The gorgeous sceneries that can only be seen in this season are stunning landscapes that will take your breath away. 

After carefully digging through countless places in Japan, here are 33 spring scenic spots from all over Japan that you should not miss! Check out these spring scenic spots that represent Japan.

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Table of Contents

Where to go in spring in Japan

1. 五稜郭タワー Goryokaku Tower [Hokkaido]- A luxury tower where you can feel the spring of Hokkaido and the view of Hakkodate! 

Where to go in spring in Japan Goryokaku Tower [Hokkaido]

Goryokaku Tower is a tower with a height of about 100 meters overlooking Goryokaku. It was built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Goryokaku’s construction, and the current tower was newly rebuilt in 2006.

Goryokaku is a star-shaped Western-style castle built at the end of the Edo period as the government office of the Edo Shogunate. It is also known as a famous place for cherry blossoms, and is in full bloom from late April to early May. You can find more than 1,600 Yoshino cherry trees colouring inside and outside the moat here!

On the observatory floor, there is a bronze statue of Toshizo Hijikata, the deputy director of the Shinsengumi, who sits on a chair with the city of Hakodate in the background. This sitting statue is almost life-sized with a sword on its waist in Western clothing. Come take a commemorative photo with this handsome guy at the end of the Edo period!

2. かみゆうべつチューリップ公園 Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park [Hokkaido]- A masterpiece of tulip fields that symbolise the arrival of spring in northern Japan! 

Where to go in spring in Japan Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park [Hokkaido]

Located in Yubetsu Town in the northern part of Hokkaido, Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park is a park with a total area of ​​125,000 square meters and a planted area of ​​70,000 square meters.

About 200 varieties of tulips are planted here. Tulips of different shapes and colours such as red, white, and yellow bloom around May every year. There is a Dutch-style windmill and the sight of the blooming tulips is just like Europe.

From May 1st to early June every year, a lot of events are held at the Tulip park. Don’t miss your chance to get surrounded by countless gorgeous tulips. 

3. 弘前公園 Hirosaki Park [Aomori Prefecture] – Enjoy the scenery of “Castle and Sakura” 

Where to go in spring in Japan Hirosaki Park [Aomori Prefecture]

Hirosaki Park is located in the center of Hirosaki City and is known as a vast site with a total area of ​​about 492,000 square meters. 

The ruins of Hirosaki Castle were opened as a park, and the remains of the turret and castle gate that retain the remnants of the feudal era are still left in the park.

About 50 species and about 2600 cherry trees are planted here, and it is famous nationwide as a stunning flower spot. In spring, cherry blossoms bloom all over along the outer moat and inner moat that surround the castle.

Enjoy the spring in Tohoku while passing through the cherry blossom tunnel.

4. 北上市立公園展勝地 Kitakami City Park Exhibition Katsuchi [Iwate Prefecture]- Feel the Cherry blossoms and azaleas in the magnificent exhibition area 

Where to go in spring in Japan Kitakami City Park Exhibition Katsuchi [Iwate Prefecture]

The Kitakami Tenshochi on the banks of the Kitakami River is one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in Tohoku. It was rated one of the “100 Best Cherry Blossom Spots” and “Michinoku Three Great Cherry Blossom Spots”.

In addition to the row of cherry blossom trees that stretches 2 kilometers from the coral bridge, it is said that there are 10,000 types of cherry blossom trees of about 150 species in the Municipal Park Exhibition Area, competing for beauty from Somei Yoshino to Kasumizakura. In May, red and white azaleas begin to bloom.

Besides flower viewing, there are different attractions such as Michinoku Folk Village and Sato Hachiro Memorial Hall. You can climb a small hill called Jingaoka in the park and enjoy a wonderful view of the four seasons of Iwate. It’s great to come here to start your sightseeing journey in Kitakami.

5. 小岩井農場 Koiwai Farm [Iwate Prefecture]- Enjoy nature to the fullest on the vast green farm

Where to go in spring in Japan Koiwai Farm [Iwate Prefecture]

Koiwai Farm is one of the most famous tourist spots in Iwate prefecture. It is a private general farm with a vast site of about 3000 hectares. The Koiwai brand is famous nationwide for their milk and dairy products.

At different events, you can meet animals with riding experiences and feeding pony experiences. “Farm Tractor Ride” is another popular activity, where you can ride a tractor-towed passenger car and tour the private forest with a guide.

There is also a Makiba craft class and a butter-making experience for you to get hands-on experiences, on top of activities like archery and bungee trampolines. There are plenty of events and experiences that children and adults can enjoy.

Here at Koiwa Farm, you can interact with nature all day long. Definitely visit in the spring during the warm weather.

6. 白石川堤 Shiroishi River [Miyagi Prefecture]- A row of cherry blossom trees blooming against the backdrop of the remaining snow in Zao

Where to go in spring in Japan Shiroishi River [Miyagi Prefecture]

In Shibata Town, you can find “Funaoka Castle Ruins Park”, which was selected as one of Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots. There is also Shiroishi River Tsutsumi Ichimoku Senbonzakura, a famous spot for cherry blossoms in Tohoku.

Among the Yoshino cherry trees planted in the Taisho era, there is a giant tree that is famous for the thickness of its trunk and its branches in Japan. The row of cherry blossom trees here is a masterpiece.

Hitome Senbonzakura on the Shiroishi River, which runs from Funaoka Bank in Shibata Town to Kanagase in Ogawara Town has a total length of about 8 kilometers. The colours of early spring are beautiful, drawn by the snow-capped Zao mountain range and the clouds-like rows of cherry blossom trees in the distance.

7. 角館武家屋敷通り Kakudate Bukeyashiki Street [Akita Prefecture]- Feel the arrival of spring, where the mysterious weeping cherry tree welcomes you

Where to go in spring in Japan Kakudate Bukeyashiki Street [Akita Prefecture]

Kakunodate prospered as a castle town during the Edo period and still remains its face nowadays. There are many samurai residences and six of them are currently open to the public as historic buildings.

There are about 400 weeping cherry trees in Kakunodate Town, of which 162 are designated as national natural monuments. The row of cherry blossom trees stretch for about 2 kilometers on the Hinokinai River bank. It is designated as a national scenic spot, and you can enjoy the cherry blossom tunnel when it is in full bloom.

On spring nights, it is recommended to take a walk in the beautifully lit samurai residence.

8. あしかがフラワーパーク Ashikaga Flower Park [Tochigi Prefecture]- A flower paradise with a magnificent view of eight themes throughout the four seasons

Where to go in spring in Japan Ashikaga Flower Park [Tochigi Prefecture]

Ashikaga Flower Park has eight themes, including “early spring,” “rainbow garden,” and “light flower garden.” Different events are held during the best season for each flower, and it is a spot that you can enjoy no matter what season you visit.

Among them, the Ofuji, which has been a symbol since the opening of the park in 1968, and the 80metre-long Shirafuji tunnel are famous trees that have been designated as a natural monument of the prefecture. It is in full bloom from mid-April to mid-May every year.

High-quality flowers and plants are also sold here at reasonable prices, such as potted flowers, flowerbed seedlings, arrangement baskets for gifts, and foliage plants. You will surely be pleased to buy flowers as souvenirs for your family and friends.

9. 国営ひたち海浜公園 Hitachi Seaside Park [Ibaraki Prefecture]-  A national park full of nature with plenty of activities! Get ready to be impressed by the magnificent flower field!


Hitachi Seaside Park is a national park with an area of ​​about 215 hectares. Flowers bloom in each season in the park, and among them, the nemophila in spring and the kochia in autumn, decorate the entire surface. Many tourists come and visit when the flowers are in full bloom.

There are facilities such as “Pleasure Garden” with more than 25 types of attractions, sports equipment and barbecue plaza.

It is also recommended to use a rental cycle or seaside train to move around the vast garden. It is a spot that is easy to visit by car from the metropolitan area and you can enjoy picnics on a day trip.

10. 権現堂堤 Gongendo Tsutsumi [Saitama Prefecture]- A garden of flowers that colour the seasons with cherry blossoms, nanohana, hydrangea, manjushaka, and daffodils

Where to go in spring in Japan Gongendo Tsutsumi [Saitama Prefecture]

Gongendo Tsutsumi represents the scenery of Satte City, Saitama Prefecture. About 1000 Yoshino cherry trees are planted over 1 kilometer, and in the spring, it becomes a tunnel of cherry blossoms. In addition, hydrangea, cluster amaryllis, and daffodil flowers are planted by the hands of the locals to add seasonal colors.

Cherry blossoms are planted around the area, and the contrast between the pink of the cherry blossoms and the yellow of the nanohana is truly spectacular.

11. 羊山公園 Hitsujiyama Park [Saitama Prefecture]- Hitsujiyama Park reflects the four seasons of Chichibu, an area that’s blessed with nature


The 1000 cherry blossoms that bloom in spring is truly a masterpiece. Hitsujiyama Park is a park with abundant nature in the northwestern part of the Prefectural Takeko Nature Park and overlooks the city of Chichibu from a small hill.

It is also a famous place for cherry blossoms in Chichibu, and in the spring, you can find about 1000 cherry trees, including Yoshino cherry trees, weeping cherry trees, and double cherry blossoms. In spring, the beautiful moss phlox covers the hill in the area called “Shibazakura no Oka”. In the early summer, irises and other flowers bloom and welcome visitors to the park.

In Hitsujiyama Park, there are plenty of facilities such as “Mt. Takeko Museum”, “Yamato Art Myujiamu” which collects works by Shiko Munakata, and facilities for you to thoroughly enjoy.

12. 小湊鐵道 Kominato Tetsudo [Chiba Prefecture]- a diesel train runs through the inland of Boso mountains, valleys and greens 

Where to go in spring in Japan Kominato Tetsudo [Chiba Prefecture]

What do you think about taking a diesel train trip surrounded by the scenery of spring? Kominato Tetsudo connects Goi Station to Kazusa-Nakano Station, which is almost in the center of the Boso Peninsula, with a total length of 39.1km.

The gorgeous countryside stretches out all over the area. Sitting in the train, you can enter mountains while enjoying the scenery. Goi Station sells a famous ekiben, train bento, which you can eat on the train.

The cherry blossoms at Itabu Station are beautiful and the rich nature spreads around Yoro Valley Station. Not just from the train window, but the paths leading up to the station also offer spectacular views.

In May 2017, 22 facilities here such as Kominato Tetsudo buildings and bridges were registered as tangible cultural properties.

13. 国営昭和記念公園 Showa Kinen Park [Tokyo]- Enjoy nature at a relaxing spot with lavish greenery

Where to go in spring in Japan Showa Kinen Park [Tokyo]

Showa Kinen Park is a huge national park with a total area of ​​180 hectares that straddles Tachikawa City and Akishima City. This park was created as part of the 50th anniversary of the reign of Emperor Showa. You can also find the Showa Emperor Memorial Museum here, managed by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. 

Especially in spring, different flowers such as plum blossoms, cherry blossoms, nanohana, and tulips bloom, creating a beautiful colourful landscape.

There are many large trees 40 to 50 years old in the “Sakura-no-en. It is a popular spot to take photogenic pictures.

14. 横浜公園 Yokohama Park [Kanagawa Prefecture]- About 120,000 tulips are in full bloom here

Yokohama Park has a history of hosting friendly baseball games between foreign and Japanese teams, and it is also known as the home ground for professional baseball teams.

In recent years, Yokohama Park became famous for having around 120,000 tulips of about 70 varieties.

Tulips begin to bloom from the beginning of April every year. Depending on the variety and weather, the tulips are in full bloom until the end of April.

15. 新倉山浅間公園 Arakurayama Sengen Park [Yamanashi Prefecture]- Enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji, five-storied pagoda and the cherry blossoms in full bloom all at once

Where to go in spring in Japan Arakurayama Sengen Park [Yamanashi Prefecture]

Arakurayama Sengen Park is a spectacular spot of Mt. Fuji, where you can enjoy Japanese scenery throughout spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Located on the hillside from the foot of Mt. Arakura, there is an observatory deck at the top of the 398 steps, and Mt. Fuji can be seen beyond the cityscape of Fujiyoshida. The beautiful appearance of Mt. Fuji spreads directly in front of you like a painting.

Spring, when about 650 cherry blossoms are in full bloom in the park, is a particularly recommended season to visit Arakurayama Sengen Park. Make sure to grab a picture of Mt. Fuji, the five-storied pagoda and the cherry blossoms.

16. 本栖湖 Lake Motosuko [Yamanashi Prefecture]- Enjoy the beautiful view of “Upside-down Fuji” that’s printed on the 1000-yen bill

Where to go in spring in Japan Lake Motosuko [Yamanashi Prefecture]

Lake Motosuko is the deepest of the Fuji Five Lakes and has the highest water transparency. Especially from the north bank, it is a great view point where you can see Mt. Fuji in front of us. The “upside-down Fuji” printed on the back of the current 1000-yen bill was taken by a famous photographer from this spot. Many photo enthusiasts still come to take pictures of Mt. Fuji.

The beautiful “upside-down Fuji” reflected on the surface of the lake is a precious sight that can rarely be seen. Quick tip, come in the morning when the wind is not blowing with the morning glow for the best view. In spring especially, you can enjoy the combination of Mt. Fuji covered with residual snow and refreshing fresh greenery.

17. 菜の花公園 Nanohana Koen [Nagano Prefecture]- Get ready to be Impressed by the Ichimen nanohana, where the area is dyed with yellow flowers

Where to go in spring in Japan Nanohana Koen [Nagano Prefecture]

Nanohana Koen is located on the hillside of the east bank of the Chikuma River. The Chikuma River flows slowly here, and beyond that, you can see the Sekida Mountains covered with residual snow.

Every year around Golden Week, the nanohana of Nozawa spreads out all around you and the area is covered with yellow flowers.

Nanohana Koen is close to Fukushima rice terraces and it is easy to drive to hot springs such as Tokari Onsen, Nozawa Onsen, and Maguse Onsen. Besides nanohana, check out these different sightseeing and hot spring spots.

18. 臥竜公園 Garyu Park [Nagano Prefecture]- Get surrounded by fluttering petals and the beauty of the cherry blossom trees reflected on the surface of the water

Where to go in spring in Japan Garyu Park [Nagano Prefecture]

Garyu Park is a scenic spot with many historical sites sitting quietly in the pine forest. There are zoos and different sports facilities in the surrounding area, making it a great place of relaxation.

There are 150 cherry blossom trees planted here, centered on “Yoshino cherry tree”, and about 800 in the entire park, which is a magnificent scale.

In spring, the magnificent scenery of cherry blossoms was selected as one of the “100 Cherry Blossom Spots” by the Japan Sakura Association. When the trees are in full bloom, the park is crowded with many visitors.

The best time to see sakura here is around the end of April every year, and when the sakura is in full bloom, it is lit up every year.

19. 中山高原 Nakayama Kogen [Nagano Prefecture]- Yellow flower fields in spring and the snow-white buckwheat flower fields in autumn

Where to go in spring in Japan Nakayama Kogen [Nagano Prefecture]

The Nakayama Plateau at an altitude of 900 meters changes its appearance in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and it is a place where you can feel the beautiful seasons all year round.

From late April to mid-May, rape blossoms are in full bloom and the flowers spread out all around you. In autumn, white buckwheat flowers bloom here.

On a sunny spring day, you can clearly see the mountains of the Northern Alps, where snow still remains, making it a wonderful background. Enjoy the scenery of the rape blossom field as if you were in a drama. There are many photogenic spots here, so make sure to take some photos during your visit.

20. 砺波チューリップ公園 Tonami Tulip Park [Toyama Prefecture]- “Tulip” is the theme! A city park where you can enjoy seasonal flowers

Where to go in spring in Japan Tonami Tulip Park [Toyama Prefecture]

Tonami Tulip Park is a city park that continues to be loved by Tonami citizens, with seasonal flowers seen throughout the year and LED illuminations in winter. Especially during spring, the scenery with a huge number of tulips is a masterpiece!

During the annual Tonami Tulip Fair, the park is filled with 300 kinds of tulips. Walk among the large flower beds, the water wheel garden flower bed decorated by five waterwheels and even flower corridors and flower walls. 

Come by Tonami Tulip Park to enjoy this unique experience surrounded by this special seasonal flower. 

21. 三嶋大社 Mishima Taisha Shrine [Shizuoka Prefecture]- The ichinomiya of former Izu Province, showing off its beauty under cherry blossoms 

Where to go in spring in Japan Mishima Taisha Shrine [Shizuoka Prefecture]

Although the date of its construction is unknown, Mishima Taisha Shrine has been enshrined in the land of Mishima for a long time. It is said to be the origin of the name of this area, and there are records of the shrine in old books of the Nara Heian period. 

Mishima Taisha Shrine is the place of worship for Minamoto no Yoritomo, the founder and the first shogun of the Kamakura shogunate of Japan. It is believed that he gathered the worshipers of many military commanders since he succeeded in his ruling.

The main shrine, hall of offerings and the worship hall, which were built at the end of the Edo period, are designated as national important cultural properties.

In spring, Yoshino cherry trees and weeping cherry trees on the side of the approach to the shrine are in full bloom.

This shrine is also recommended for those who want to pray for the safety of their families and the prosperity of business.

22. 山崎川 Yamasaki River [Aichi Prefecture]- Cherry blossoms fill both banks and the surface of the river

Where to go in spring in Japan Yamasaki River [Aichi Prefecture]

The cherry blossom on the Yamasaki River is one of the representative cherry blossom spots in Aichi Prefecture, which was selected as one of the “100 Best Cherry Blossom Spots” by the Japan Sakura Association.

Approximately 600 Yoshino cherry trees line up on both banks of 2.5 kilometers from Ishikawa Bridge to Ochiai Bridge. In particular, around the wooden bridge, there are many old cherry trees that bloom beautifully in spring.

23. 木曽三川公園 Kiso Sansen Park [Gifu Prefecture]- A large flower bed with seasonal flowers and a 65m high observation tower

Where to go in spring in Japan Kiso Sansen Park [Gifu Prefecture]

Kiso Sansen National Government Park has the largest area in Japan as a national park.

The Kiso Sansen Park Center, which is one of the park’s bases, has an observation tower with a 360 ° panoramic view of the magnificent views of the Kiso, Nagara, and Ibi rivers, and an exhibition facility that conveys the historical culture and natural environment of the Kiso Sansen. 

Kiso Sansen Park can be enjoyed widely throughout the year, such as tulips in spring, cosmos in autumn, and illuminations in winter.

There is also a large flower bed decorated with seasonal flowers, large playsets and lawn plazas for children to enjoy freely. There are also seasonal events including hands-on events and an indoor playground for young children.

24. 渡月橋 Togetsu Bridge [Kyoto Prefecture]- The mix of the elegant atmosphere of Kyoto and the Arashiyama area in cherry blossoms

Where to go in spring in Japan Togetsu Bridge [Kyoto Prefecture]

Togetsu Bridge is a bridge that stretches across the Katsura River and separates Sagano and Arashiyama.

The current bridge was completed in June 1934 and is one of Arashiyama’s well-known tourist attractions. The sight of the cherry blossoms and Togetsu Bridge reflecting on the slowly flowing Katsura River is truly incredible.

In addition to the charming Togetsu Bridge, there are many attractions in Arashiyama, such as the rich nature and the old townscape. 

25. 万博記念公園 Expo ’70 Commemorative Park [Osaka]- The symbol of Osaka, accompanied by the Tower of Sun 

Where to go in spring in Japan Expo '70 Commemorative Park [Osaka]

Expo ’70 Commemorative Park is a cultural park built on the site of the Japan World Exposition (Osaka Expo) held in 1970. The huge area of about 260 hectares is a must-visit spot in the spring, when the flowers are in full bloom.

From flowers such as tulips and poppies to seasonal flowers such as azaleas and water lilies, you can find a wide variety of seasonal plants here. You can also observe birds and insects that announce the arrival of spring.

The Tower of the Sun, which was built as part of the theme hall of the Osaka Expo, is also one of the Expo’s heritage sites.

Don’t miss the 41 metre-high “Tree of Life,” which expresses the energy of life toward the future inside the Tower of the Sun.

26. 国営明石海峡公園 National Akashi Kaikyo Park [Hyogo Prefecture]- A park full of flowers and greenery overlooking Osaka Bay

Where to go in spring in Japan National Akashi Kaikyo Park [Hyogo Prefecture]

Located in an area overlooking the Akashi Kaikyo National Government and Osaka Bay on Awaji Island, National Akashi Kaikyo Park is a popular national park. There are plenty of lawn plazas and sports equipment and it attracts attention as one of the best flower spots in Kansai. 

From late February to early March, about 100 Kawazu sakura flowers bloom at “Spring Ichiban no Oka”, a hill where you can see the sea. It is perfect for people who want to see the earliest cherry blossoms on Awaji Island.

When the climate gets warmer, colourful tulips, muscari and ranunculus bloom. It is a photogenic spot that attracts instagrammers and photographers from all over the country.

27. 白毫寺 Byakugo-ji Temple [Hyogo Prefecture]- A curtain made of purple flowers, where you can admire the long hanging wisteria flowers

Where to go in spring in Japan Byakugo-ji Temple [Hyogo Prefecture]

Byakugo-ji Temple, which opened in 705, is known as one of the best spots for wisteria flowers in Hyogo Prefecture. The wisteria flowers are in full bloom on the 120m wisteria shelf.

The main wisteria of Byakugo-ji is a wisteria tree called “Kushaku Fuji”. The bunch of flowers hangs down from the branches, and it is said that the longest one so far has a record length of 180 cm.

The way the wisteria flowers hang look just like a waterfall and at night, the area is lit up, creating a mysterious yet romantic atmosphere. 

28. 吉野山 Yoshinoyama [Nara Prefecture]- The 30,000 white cherry trees that cover the mountains like clouds 

Where to go in spring in Japan Yoshinoyama [Nara Prefecture]

The cherry blossoms of Mt. Yoshino is known nationwide. It wasn’t an area known for “cherry blossom viewing”, but as an area closely related to mountain religion. 

It’s believed that the first trees of the mountain were planted along the slopes more than 1,300 years ago. Because of the elevation, the blossoming season differs by a few days, depending on the section of the mountain.

You can either take a ropeway or hike to get up to the peak. If you’re feeling up for it, taking the hiking trail will bring you to a few attractive parts of the mountain, surrounding you with lots of cherry blossom trees. 

You can also find Nakan Senbon Park, where you can enjoy hanami under the cherry blossom trees. There are a lot of attractions in the area for you to enjoy, making it a great cherry blossom day trip. 

29. 国営讃岐まんのう公園 National Sanuki Manno Park [Kagawa Prefecture]- Shikoku’s national park with colourful flowers

Shikoku’s national park stands on the banks of the national scenic spot “Manno Pond”. In the massive garden with a total area of ​​350 hectares, beautiful flowers such as daffodils, tulips and nemophila are in full bloom one after another in spring.

The park is also fully equipped with facilities such as a vast lawn plaza, large playsets that are popular with children, a 5.88km-long cycling course and Shikoku’s largest auto campsite.

30. 北川村「モネの庭」マルモッタン Kitagawa Village “Monet’s Garden” Marmottan [Kochi Prefecture]- Enjoy the breath of spring in the garden that Claude Monet loved

Where to go in spring in Japan Kitagawa Village _Monet's Garden_ Marmottan [Kochi Prefecture]

Impressionist painter Claude Monet is known worldwide for his work with a strong awareness of light and color. 

“Monet’s Garden” in Kitagawa Village, Kochi Prefecture, was officially granted the name “Monet’s Garden” by France, recreating the essence of the garden that Monet created in Japan.

In the “Water garden”, you can find water lilies floating on the water. In the “Flower Garden”, the rose arch (the best time to see in May) and the wisteria of the Taiko Bridge (the best time to see in late April) are some of the many sights you can see here. Expect to walk into a garden of flowers that is coloured like a painter’s palette. The third garden, “Bordighera garden”, is created with the image of the Mediterranean Sea with palms and cycads.

Wander around the three gardens and stop by the cafe to enjoy some free local produce. 

31. 海の中道海浜公園 Uminonakamichi Seaside Park [Fukuoka Prefecture]- A fun national park with flowers, animals, pools and aquariums

Where to go in spring in Japan Uminonakamichi Seaside Park [Fukuoka Prefecture]

Uminonakamichi Seaside Park is a huge national park in Fukuoka, where you can enjoy different leisure activities.

Seasonal flowers bloom throughout the park. There are about 2000 cherry blossom trees planted along the trails, making it a very popular hanami spot in the city. 

You can interact with animals such as squirrel monkeys and capybaras in the “Animal Forest” and there are large sports equipment like a huge trampoline. In the warmer seasons, you can enjoy an outdoor leisure pool with 6 pools and a BBQ with a view of Hakata Bay at the day campsite.

At the adjacent “Marine World Umi no Nakamichi”, you can meet dolphins and sea otters and observe the wonders of the sea and the ecology of fish close to their natural habitat.

32. 長串山公園 Nagushiyama Park [Nagasaki Prefecture]- About 100,000 azaleas dye the slopes of the mountain

Where to go in spring in Japan Nagushiyama Park [Nagasaki Prefecture]

Nagushiyama Park overlooks Saikai National Park and Kita-Kujuku Islands. During spring, the scenery of the field of azaleas is truly spectacular.

When the climate gets warmer, about 100,000 azaleas dye the slopes of Mount. Nagushi in red, pink and white.

The Azalea Festival is held from April to May every year, marking the arrival of bright spring in the city of Sasebo.

There is also a 100-metre roller slide and a lot of other activities, along with a visitor center where you can take a break in the park.

Here are the 32 most beloved spring scenic spots in Japan, all the way from Hokkaido to Okinawa. Where are you thinking about going this spring? The season of spring flowers varies from year to year and depending on the weather, these gorgeous sakura might not stick around for very long. Make sure to check out the most up-to-date information so you don’t miss out on these beautiful sceneries of spring in Japan. 

Find out more about Spring in Japan here: What to do in Spring, Where to go in spring, Wisteria in Japan, Spring Date ideas, What to do eat in spring, Where to see cherry blossom in Tokyo and Cherry blossom festivals.

Stay tuned for more information about Japan travel, Japanese culture, moving to Japan, living in Japan, Japanese language and more. 

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Have you heard about Taito Ward in Tokyo? One of the 23 wards of Tokyo, Taito has various unique...

Free things to do in Tokyo: 30+ Ways to enjoy Tokyo without spending money

Tokyo is a fantastic city, and the sheer amount of activities is endless. However, costs can add...

Hydrangea in Tokyo: 21 Best Spots + Hidden Gems for Ajisai

Are you wondering where to see Hydrangea in Tokyo? Are you in Tokyo during the rainy season and...

Overnight Itinerary in Kanazawa

Kanazawa is the capital city of Ishikawa prefecture, located on the western coast of Japan. Being...

1 week Japan Itinerary Featuring Sakura, Cherry Blossoms

Are you coming to Tokyo during peak Cherry Blossom season in March and April and want to make the...

3-day Tokyo Itinerary featuring Sakura Cherry Blossoms

Are you in Tokyo for 3 days between March till May and looking forward to visiting cherry...

10 best spots to see Kawazu-zakura Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

You might think you can only see Kawazu-zakura if you travel south of Tokyo, around the Izu area....

Step by step for planning a trip to Japan

Have you been waiting to travel to Japan and you can’t wait to get your Japan itinerary going? Are...


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