If you’re into camping and keen to delve into the camping scene, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the array of fantastic spots Japan boasts for camping. Campsites are up for grabs year-round – yep, even when winter’s icy grip sets in! But if I were you, I’d opt for camping in Japan during the milder seasons, from March to September, just to sidestep the occasional downpour in June and the typhoon frenzy in late August and early September. Oh, and keep a keen eye on the weather in summer to steer clear of the typhoon season.

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You’ll stumble upon a plethora of campsites when camping in Japan, tucked away in spots like parks, beaches, rivers, and mountains. But remember, pitching your tent just anywhere won’t fly – you’ve got to hunt down the official, legally approved campsites. If you’re camping with the family, many of these spots offer activities catering to all age groups, including the little ones. Given the Japanese penchant for camping during the warmer months from March to October, it’s wise to plan and book ahead to dodge any disappointments.

What if you’re tent-less? No sweat! Many campsites offer a range of lodging options, from cabins to treehouses, and even swanky huts for glamping (that’s “glamorous camping,” a big deal in Japanese camping culture). Now, I know some folks might link camping with danger, but fear not – safety isn’t a major worry when camping in Japan. All campsites, including the ones I’m about to delve into, prioritise a secure environment, with one even boasting a women-only camping section. So, let’s dive in and suss out which campsites you might fancy giving a go.

1. The Farm 

Camping in Japan 8 unique campsites near Tokyo The Farm

Fancy escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and soaking in the tranquillity of a farm? How about diving into some local produce while you’re at it? The Farm, nestled in Chiba, is renowned for its diverse offerings. This camping spot strikes a perfect balance between nature and comfort, conveniently close to the city for easy access. I’d highly recommend The Farm for those craving an authentic local experience, with a plethora of facilities and activities to boot. Plus, it’s well-suited for camping newbies looking to dip their toes in the outdoor scene.

At The Farm, you’ll find an array of amenities, from cosy cottages and glamping tents to natural hot springs and BBQ pits. Tuck into farm-fresh delights at the vegetable cafe, or cosy up in one of their cabins. It’s not just a campsite – it’s a thriving community surrounded by breathtaking vistas and natural wonders. You can pitch up at The Farm any time of year; their glamping tents, cabins, and cottages are fully equipped with air conditioning and heating to tackle any weather (although camping’s always more fun in fair weather!).

Thrill-seekers will love the zip-lining facilities, while the mini zoo and veggie-picking experience are perfect for kids to connect with nature. Get crafty with workshops like botanical candle making, crafting your own unique souvenir. The Farm’s calendar is jam-packed with seasonal activities like vegetable-picking and glass art-making, ensuring each visit offers something new and exciting.

For those seeking seclusion, The Farm boasts a private camping spot in the forest, alongside a gentle river ideal for family frolics. As one of the go-to campsites near Tokyo, Japan, The Farm tends to fill up fast. Be sure to hit up the link below to check availability and event schedules. Happy camping!

Homepage: https://www.thefarm.jp/

Address: 千葉県香取市西田部1309-29

Access: Take a bus from Tokyo station and get off at 栗源バス停, where you can get a free shuttle bus that takes you to The Farm.

2. Takivillage

Camping in Japan 8 unique campsites near Tokyo Takivillage

Takivillage, nestled in Chiba, is just an 80-minute drive from Tokyo or Kanagawa. It’s the brainchild of a 26-year-old Japanese chap who ditched his 9-to-5 to craft this little slice of heaven, perfect for folks to kick back and reconnect.

At Takivillage, you’ve got glamping options and free camping on offer. They’ve got all the gear you need, so no need to lug your own. It’s tailor-made for newbie campers and families looking for a comfy getaway. While there aren’t any cottages, their glampings are super snug, with interiors to die for.

The cherry on top? Takivillage sits atop a hill, offering ever-changing vistas depending on the time of day. Come nightfall, it’s prime time for stargazing. It’s the ultimate spot to get lost in nature and leave the city hustle behind.

And here’s the kicker – Takivillage hosts a bonfire school, a two-day, one-night workshop for both kids and parents. It’s all about fun and learning, teaching the little ones essential survival skills while fostering a positive, resilient mindset. Imagine witnessing your kids’ growth and newfound abilities in just 48 hours. Pretty darn amazing, right?

URL: https://takivillage-camp.site/

Address: 〒298-0112 千葉県いすみ市国府台459-2

Access: It takes around 80 minutes to get here from Tokyo or Kanagawa by car. You can also take a bus from Tokyo station or Shinagawa.

3. Kita Karuizawa Sweet Grass 

Camping in Japan 8 unique campsites near Tokyo Kita Karuizawa Sweet Grass

Kita Karuizawa Sweet Grass sits up north in Kita Karuizawa, a breezy 30-minute drive away. This campsite is a seasonal wonderland, offering a smorgasbord of activities throughout the year. Come August, you can dive into events like bird call making, water battles, and even a bonfire championship. Just remember, most events need booking ahead of time. Fast forward to December, and you’re in for a treat with Christmas-themed workshops to jazz up your party decorations. Kita Karuizawa rocks two vibes: “green style” from spring to autumn and “white style” come winter. So, no matter the season, camping’s on the cards.

Accommodation options here are seriously impressive. From tents to cottages and cabins, there’s something to suit every taste. Nearby, you’ll find natural, wood-fired hot springs for a blissful soak. Plus, there’s a ton of activities to keep the little ones entertained.

Let’s talk food – Kita Karuizawa dishes up a delightful spread. You can pre-book a feast ranging from succulent Akagi beef to sizzling BBQs, even winter can rice. And have you heard about their latest creation? SG Spice Camp Curry – looks like a taste sensation, right?

Image source: SG Spice Camp Curry | Set of Ingredients for Kita-Karuizawa SweetGrass

But wait, there’s more – Kita Karuizawa offers Tipi experiences. While you can’t bed down in the Tipi, you can soak in the ambiance, especially when they light up a bonfire at night. It’s the ultimate chill-out spot, surrounded by nature’s embrace. When it comes to campsites near Tokyo, Japan, this one’s a winner for pleasing the whole fam.

URL: https://sweetgrass.jp/

Address: 群馬県吾妻郡長野原町北軽井沢1990-579

Access: Take a bus from Shibuya station towards Kita Karuizawa, then walk or take a taxi to Sweet Grass.


Camping in Japan 8 unique campsites near Tokyo GRAN BLUE

Gran Blue is a top-notch glamping spot in Minamiboso, Chiba. It’s a leisurely 2-hour drive from central Tokyo, known for its reliably serene weather.

This seaside-inspired campsite rocks minimalist interiors, decked out in soothing white and blue hues. Picture this: a sprawling wooden deck with a cozy cafe space and 12 hammocks strung up for ultimate relaxation.

Facilities-wise, they’ve got you covered with showers, toilets, and a spot for rubbish disposal, so no need to haul your trash home. Plus, they’re super chill about BBQs – no extra charge, and you can even bring your own grub.

But the real star of the show? The beach, of course! Gran Blue’s smack dab in Tateyama, boasting a whopping 8 beaches. It’s a dreamy spot for those craving some sea time and a peek at natural corals. When it comes to camping in Japan, this place is a beach lover’s paradise.

URL: https://uyamaresort.com/granblue/

Address: 〒295-0103 千葉県南房総市白浜町滝口5580-6

Access: Take a bus from Tokyo station to Tateyama station. Next, take a bus to 白浜中学校前 station, then walk 10 minutes to get to Gran Blue.

5. Akiha Auto Camp

Camping in Japan 8 unique campsites near Tokyo Akiha Auto Camp

Akiha Auto Camp sprawls along the banks of the Tenryu River in western Shizuoka prefecture, making it a prime spot for camping in Japan. This long-standing campsite has been a favourite for over 40 years, thanks to its crystal-clear stream – hailed as the best in Japan – perfect for fishing and canoeing. And let’s not forget about the real MVPs here: the staff, who go above and beyond to ensure a comfy camping experience.

With a range of camping options, from mountain-side pitches to riverside spots and even women-only sites, Akiha Auto Camp has something for everyone.

The river’s water, sourced from the Southern Alps, is so clear it’s practically see-through, making it a dream for fishing and swimming. Plus, there’s playground equipment, sports facilities, and even canoeing experiences on offer. It’s also renowned as a sweetfish fishing hotspot – a must-visit for angling enthusiasts.

URL: https://akiha-camp.com/

Address: 静岡県浜松市天竜区春野町領家364

Access: Akiha Auto Camp is a 3.5-hour drive or 4-hour train ride from Tokyo.

6. Hikawa Camping Site

Camping in Japan 8 unique campsites near Tokyo Hikawa Camping Site

Hikawa Camping Site ticks all the boxes for a hassle-free camping experience in Japan. Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the city centre, it’s a mere two and a half hours’ journey followed by a quick 10-minute stroll from the station. Loaded with handy amenities, including a variety of lodges and bungalow-style digs, this spot’s got you covered.

Nestled right by the Okutama River, there’s no shortage of fun activities here – think BBQs, river swims, and even stand-up paddleboarding. The river’s crystal-clear waters are a breath of fresh air, and if you find yourself short on firewood or basic bits and bobs, fear not – they’ve got you covered. Plus, being so close to the station means you can zip over by train and explore the nearby shops and restaurants hassle-free. Sounds like the perfect camping getaway, doesn’t it?

7. Shinrin Mura 

Camping in Japan 8 unique campsites near Tokyo Shinrin Mura

Shinrin Mura, or “forest village” in Japanese, sits snugly next to the Aki River in the Musashi area. When it comes to camping in Japan, this spot’s got you covered with two types of cottage buildings up for grabs: one for 6 people and another for 8.

Now, let’s talk BBQ – Shinrin Mura’s meat game is on point, managed directly by a butcher for top-notch quality. They’re all about that Akigawa beef, serving up a variety of cuts including ribs, sirloin, shoulder loin, and more. And if you’re craving a hearty brekkie, their restaurant has you sorted. Bonus: the second floor doubles up as a hall for events, parties, and competitions.

What sets Shinrin Mura apart? It’s usually not as booked up as other camping spots, but it’s still wise to plan ahead and snag your spot early to avoid any disappointment. Ready for a camping experience that’s equal parts chill and adventure? Shinrin Mura’s the place to be.

8. WILDMAGIC: The Rainbow Farm

Camping in Japan 8 unique campsites near Tokyo WILDMAGIC -The Rainbow Farm

Wildmagic is a bit of a gem nestled on the artificial island of Odaiba in the Toyosu district, offering a unique twist on camping in Japan. Dubbed an urban outdoor park, it’s famed for its sizzling BBQ action – and trust me, booking ahead is a must. Not only is it super popular, but they also take care of all the prep for you. Just rock up and tuck in! And as if that wasn’t enough, they’ve got a cracking selection of cocktails to wash it all down with at their bars and restaurants.

Now, let’s talk setup – Wildmagic is split into different zones, from the chill village area to the lively party spot by the fire pit. Oh, and did I mention there’s a seaside area complete with a beach and lagoon? Talk about paradise! When it comes to kipping down for the night, it’s all about the tipi tents. With a variety of shapes, styles, and designs, there’s something for everyone.

But wait, there’s more – Wildmagic isn’t just about camping; it’s also a hotspot for weddings. Fancy tying the knot on the beach with tents aplenty? They’ve got you covered, offering wedding planning and photoshoots to ensure your big day is one for the books. So, whether you’re here for the camping or to say “I do,” Wildmagic promises an unforgettable experience you won’t soon forget.

Discover Eight Tokyo-Accessible Campsites for Your Next Getaway!

Here are eight campsites near Tokyo, Japan, easily accessible from the heart of the capital. Be sure to check out the website of your chosen campsite for detailed information about what to expect, available activities, and any rules to follow. Camping in Japan offers a fantastic way to unwind, especially if you’re seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life in Tokyo. So why not give one of these campsites a try? Happy camping!

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