If you’re looking to unwind and soak in the beauty of cherry blossoms in Tokyo, why not explore hidden cherry blossom viewing spots in the city? Tokyo’s attractions are typically bustling with crowds, but there exist numerous tucked-away gems that offer a quieter experience. Below are seven hidden cherry blossom spots in Tokyo that are highly recommended.

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1. Shioiri Park (汐入公園)

Credit: Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

The first little-known cherry blossom viewing spot is Metropolitan Oiri Park along the Sumida River. Being situated in a residential area and slightly removed from the city centre, this hidden cherry blossom spot in Tokyo is predominantly frequented by locals and remains relatively uncrowded. The avenues of cherry blossom trees planted on either side create a tunnel-like effect, making it an ideal location for a leisurely promenade.

The park is equipped with various facilities, including baby beds and chairs, making it family-friendly. With its expansive grounds, visitors are encouraged to bring a picnic mat, food, and drinks to savour a tranquil time in this serene setting.

A notable feature of Shioiri Park is the unique opportunity to view the cherry blossoms with the Tokyo Sky Tree in the background. This offers a perfect spot for capturing photographs where the cherry blossoms beautifully frame the iconic tower.

Furthermore, Shioiri Park is home to a diverse array of cherry blossoms, including the Somei Yoshino, Kawazu, and Daikan varieties, adding to its charm as one of the hidden cherry blossom spots in Tokyo.

2. Yomiuriland (よみうりランド)

7 Best Hidden Cherry Blossom Spots in Tokyo 2022 & Avoid the crowd Yomiuri Land
Credit:  Yomiuri Land Jewellumination

The second little-known cherry blossom viewing spot is Yomiuriland amusement park in Inagi City, Tokyo, a hidden gem among the cherry blossom spots in Tokyo. Yomiuriland, famous for its summer pools and winter illuminations, transforms in spring into a picturesque cherry blossom haven with around 1,000 trees in full bloom.

The premier spot for cherry blossom viewing in Yomiuriland is the “Sky Shuttle” gondola, which departs from Keio Yomiuri Land Station. From this vantage point, you can admire the park’s cherry blossoms from above. The gondola is heated, making it ideal for enjoying the cherry blossoms at night or in cooler weather.

Additionally, there’s a cherry tree lane stretching approximately 180 metres, offering a scenic walk amidst the blooms. During your visit, you can also experience thrilling roller coasters, capture fantastic photos, and indulge in delightful springtime snacks.

3. Sotobori Park (外濠公園)

Credit: Visit Chiyoda

Another hidden cherry blossom viewing spot in Tokyo is Sotobori Park. Situated along the Sotobori moat of the Imperial Palace, the park features approximately 240 Yoshino and wild cherry trees along its 2-kilometre stretch, making it one of the hidden cherry blossom spots in Tokyo.

The main attraction of the park is the promenade, ideal for leisurely walks beneath the cherry blossoms. In early autumn, the cherry blossom petals adorning the outer moat create a serene atmosphere, distinct from the full bloom of spring.

In Sotobori Park, visitors can spread a sheet on the grass under the cherry trees, offering an intimate experience with the blossoms. Space for this is limited, so arriving early to secure a spot is advisable. The park’s secluded location shields it from the hustle and bustle, ensuring a peaceful cherry blossom viewing experience away from business activities and noise.

4. University of Tokyo Komaba Campus (東京大学駒場キャンパス)

7 Best Hidden Cherry Blossom Spots in Tokyo 2022 & Avoid the crowd University of Tokyo Komaba Campus

The fourth secrect cherry blossom viewing spot you should know is the University of Tokyo Komaba Campus, nestled away from the bustling popular sites like Yoyogi Park and Meguro River. This campus serves as one of the hidden cherry blossom spots in Tokyo, offering a tranquil setting for cherry blossom appreciation. The most picturesque scenes are found between the playground and the rugby field, where the cherry blossoms form a spectacular tunnel at the peak of spring. Visitors are encouraged to explore the campus and discover their personal favourite spots for cherry blossom viewing.

Additionally, for those interested in exploring further, the University of Tokyo’s Hongo campus is worth a visit. Though it is quite a distance from the Komaba Campus, the journey offers cultural, historical sights, and a pathway adorned with cherry blossoms, along with excellent shopping and dining options.

5. Shinjuku Gyoen (新宿御苑)

7 Best Hidden Cherry Blossom Spots in Tokyo 2022 & Avoid the crowd Shinjuku Gyoen

The fifth little-known cherry blossom spot is Shinjuku Gyoen. Despite its fame, it remains under the radar for cherry blossom viewing. This expansive park in the city’s heart is celebrated for its diverse natural beauty, featuring various cherry blossom trees, including Kanzakura and Yaezakura. The blossom viewing season extends from February to April. While the park becomes busier during the peak season, the allowance of alcohol creates a relaxed environment. Beyond cherry blossoms, Shinjuku Gyoen is adorned with a plethora of spring flowers, inviting visitors to meander through its landscapes.

Located in the Shinjuku district, the area around Shinjuku Gyoen boasts numerous dining options. After enjoying the serene cherry blossoms, guests can explore the local culinary scene and the surrounding shopping centres, enhancing their visit.

6. Showa Kinen Park (国営昭和記念公園)

Credits: Showa Kinen Park Gallery

Yet another another hidden gem is Showa Kinen Park in Tachikawa City, one of the hidden cherry blossom spots in Tokyo. Despite attracting visitors during the cherry blossom season, its extensive grounds prevent it from feeling overcrowded. The park boasts around 1,500 cherry trees in 31 varieties, predominantly Yoshino cherry trees. The accessible hanging branches make it a favoured spot for photographing cherry blossoms.

In addition to cherry blossoms, the park features a variety of water elements, museums, and sports facilities. There are ample lawns for serene picnics under the cherry trees. After admiring the cherry blossoms, explore the park to enjoy other blooms like tulips, azaleas, poppies, and rapeseed. For the latest bloom information, check Showa Kinen Park’s official website before your visit.

7. Metropolitan Nogawa Park (野川公園)

7 Best Hidden Cherry Blossom in Tokyo 2022 & Avoid the crowd Metropolitan Nogawa Park

The seventh hidden cherry blossom spot in Tokyo you should explore is Metropolitan Nogawa Park, stretching across Chofu City, Koganei City, and Musashino City. This large, tranquil park offers cherry blossom viewing from late March to early April, with “Freedom Square” being a prime location for its spectacular cherry blossom scenes. The park’s “Wanpaku Square” features various playsets, ensuring entertainment for young children. Additionally, there are sports facilities, including tennis courts and athletic tracks, and areas designated for picnicking and BBQs. With fewer crowds, it’s an ideal place for a relaxed cherry blossom experience.

In this blog, we explored seven places in Tokyo for cherry blossom viewing. Beyond these, Tokyo hides more spots to discover, so venture out and find your favourite.

Do you have a preferred location for cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo? Share it with us in the comments below!

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