Considering a night out at Nakano bars? For a unique experience, swing by this pop culture hub! By day, Nakano is renowned for Nakano Broadway Street, where you can indulge in anime and specialised character goods, alongside quaint taverns and traditional Japanese cuisine. Don’t miss the chance to savour ramen and explore the charming alleys while immersing yourself in Nakano nightlife.

Come nightfall, Nakano truly comes alive. Dive into a plethora of cosy bars bursting with character. Sip on expertly-crafted drinks amidst the warm and welcoming local atmosphere! In this blog, we list our top five favourite bars in Nakano, tucked away in one of Tokyo’s most underrated gems.

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Flip Japan Guide-Recommended Nakano Bars

Juke 80’s

Nakano Bars: Juke 80's
Credit: Photo by latino from Tabelog

Perfect for all you 80s enthusiasts out there, make your way to this bar and take your pick from their extensive music selection, featuring cult classics like ABBA and Michael Jackson, alongside a few underground gems. And the best part? Their drinks won’t break the bank, priced at 350-500 yen during happy hour—a steal in Tokyo!

If you’re craving something more local, don’t miss out on Juke 80’s sister bar, J-Juke’s, where you can groove to fantastic Japanese hits from the bubble and disco era!

Bar Dunk

Bar Dunk

For the ultimate Nakano nightlife experience, look no further than Bar Dunk. Amidst a sea of older bars and izakayas, Bar Dunk shines with its modern Mediterranean vibe, courtesy of its striking blue and white tiled walls. Indulge in some delectable food and drinks while imagining yourself lounging on the French Riviera—it’s a slice of summer right in Nakano!

Daikaiju Salon

Daikaiju Salon

Calling all fans of Japan’s mythical monsters—this is the place for you! Owned by a horror-film director, Daikaiju Salon is adorned with a captivating collection of figurines and plush dolls from Asian mythologies.

Enjoy a cup of coffee in this one-of-a-kind setting while geeking out over vintage anime like Ultraman. It’s a truly unique bar experience that’s exclusive to Nakano—you won’t find anything quite like it anywhere else!

Jet Bar

Jet Bar
Credits: Photo by 煉蔵 from Tabelog

This cosy bar, with its rock and disco influences, is your ticket to a night of entertainment. While their schedule varies, you might stumble upon live music or even a magic show! Even on regular nights, it’s the perfect spot to unwind with friends over chilled drinks and mingle with the locals.


Victoria Bar

Credits: Photo by Owner on Tabelog.

Step into this stylish Japanese whiskey bar and immerse yourself in its classy ambiance accompanied by jazzy tunes. With a selection of around 300 whiskeys from across the globe, VICTORIA caters to every palate. Conveniently located just a 2-minute walk from Nakano Station’s north exit, it’s the ideal spot for a whisky tasting adventure. And why not pair your tipple with some indulgent raw chocolate to enhance the flavours?

But don’t be fooled—VICTORIA isn’t just about whisky; they also offer a curated selection of sake, beer, and other spirits to suit every taste.

Nakano’s Bar Scene: A Tapestry of Unique Experiences

Nakano’s bar scene offers a kaleidoscope of unique experiences, each venue weaving its own distinctive charm into the fabric of the neighbourhood. Whether you’re drawn to retro vibes, whimsical themes, or sophisticated settings, there’s a bar in Nakano to suit every mood and preference.

So, dive into this eclectic tapestry, explore the hidden gems, and immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife of Nakano. Here’s to discovering new favourites and creating unforgettable memories in this dynamic corner of Tokyo!

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