If you’re someone who lives for good eats, there’s no better way to dig into Tokyo’s local food scene than by tagging along on some food tours. These outings pair you up with local guides and fellow foodies, making for a tasty adventure through the city’s culinary hotspots.

Tokyo’s got a bunch of these tours up for grabs on sites like Airbnb Experiences, Viator, GetYourGuide, and more. But sorting through them all can feel like a bit of a foodie frenzy. Lucky for you, we’re here to dish out our favorite food tours in Tokyo, no fancy order, just good grub and good vibes!

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Food Tours in Tokyo

1. Arigato Japan Tours

Food tours in Tokyo: Arigato Japan Tours food tour

Arigato Japan Tours, a leading Culinary Tourism company in Japan, aims to create unforgettable culinary experiences for visitors.

With over 30 enticing food tours available in Japan’s top destinations including Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, and the vicinity of Mt. Fuji, they offer a diverse array of gastronomic adventures.

Additionally, Arigato Japan Tours provides online experiences, allowing individuals to indulge in activities like the Green Tea Experience, DIY Japan-inspired cocktail sessions, and Virtual Tokyo tours from the comfort of their homes. Each tour is expertly guided by locals who impart invaluable insights, tips, and knowledge, ensuring an enriching and enjoyable experience for all participants.

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2. Magical Trip

Magical trip food tours

Magical Trip is your go-to local tour company offering an array of authentic experiences across Japan.

What sets Magical Trip apart is its emphasis on local guides, allowing you to see Japan through the eyes of those who call it home! When planning your visit to Japan, don’t miss out on their popular food tours in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Sapporo. From immersive Bar Hopping Tours to tantalizing Night Food Tours, Magical Trip ensures you experience the vibrant culinary scene of Japan like a true local. So, add these must-do tours to your bucket list and get ready for an unforgettable gastronomic adventure!

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3. Tokyo Ramen Tours

Tokyo Ramen Tours

When you’re planning your trip to Tokyo, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of ramen shops (there are thousands).

Leave this to Tokyo Ramen Tours – your local Tokyo ramen experts. They will take you to only the very best, most delicious Tokyo ramen shops! 

On any ramen tour, you’ll also learn all about this savory dish, from its history to its preparation. The “Ramen Tasting Tour” is the most popular and most booked. On it, guests visit three distinct ramen shops for 6 delicious mini bowls. These tour-exclusive mini bowls are 1/4 the size of your standard ramen. They also have a Vegetarian / Vegan Ramen Tasting Tour.

Whether you’re brand new to ramen or are a seasoned ramen eater, Tokyo Ramen Tours has something for you!

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4. Foodies Adventure 

Foodie Adventure

Foodies Adventure is all about breaking the mold and keeping things exciting! Foodie Adventure Japan serves as your local Tokyo buddy, guiding visitors through the hidden gems, quirky spots, and traditional delights of this dynamic city!

From hunting down the most colorful cotton candy to savoring finger-lickin’ street food and indulging in monster-sized ice cream cones, there’s never a dull moment.

PS: Inclusivity is their forte! Foodies Adventure warmly welcomes Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Muslim guests, ensuring that everyone gets to enjoy the delicious and authentically Japanese delights they’ve been craving! The Foodie Tours are kept intimate, catering to small and exclusive groups, guaranteeing guests the most memorable experiences and a slower, more sustainable way of exploring Tokyo’s culinary scene.

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5. Culinary Backstreets Tokyo

Culinary Backstreets Tokyo food tour

Culinary Backstreets, known as the global authority on local gastronomy, offers intimate food tours in over a dozen vibrant cities worldwide. These tours veer away from the typical tourist path, delving into lesser-explored neighborhoods to uncover hidden culinary treasures and share the captivating stories of the people behind them.

In Tokyo, Culinary Backstreets’ tour presents a delectable journey that serves as a flavorful exploration of the city’s rich culinary heritage, vibrant present, and promising future.

From the bustling streets of Shibuya to the laid-back atmosphere of Kichijoji, participants embark on a culinary adventure that highlights Tokyo’s dynamic food landscape, which seamlessly blends tradition with innovation.

Venturing through modern depachikas, classic sushi establishments, and the workshops of traditional miso and senbei artisans, the tour showcases a diverse array of Tokyo’s culinary delights.

The experience culminates in one of Tokyo’s traditional yokocho drinking alleys, where guests can savor sake or beer alongside authentic bar snacks at an izakaya, immersing themselves in a timeless local tradition that remains as relevant today as ever before.

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6. DIG Tokyo Tours

DUG Tokyo tour

Andy, the owner and operator of DIG Tokyo Tours, brings a laid-back Aussie vibe to the bustling streets of Tokyo. Residing in the tranquil neighborhood of Koenji with his family, Andy’s love for Japanese classic bicycle restoration, outdoor adventures, and, of course, delicious ramen and cold beer fuels his passion for uncovering the hidden gems scattered throughout Tokyo’s vibrant neighborhoods.

DIG Tokyo Tours specializes in immersive experiences, offering guided bike tours and street food adventures in the lesser-known districts of Nakano, Koenji, and Asagaya. Nestled just moments away from Tokyo’s iconic tourist hotspots like Shinjuku and Shibuya, DIG is dedicated to providing travelers with an authentic glimpse into the soul of Tokyo’s inner west-side communities.

Each tour curated by DIG is a blend of adventure and authenticity, tailored to showcase the unique charm of Tokyo’s offbeat neighborhoods. Whether exploring on two wheels or wandering on foot, guests can expect an unforgettable journey through Tokyo’s colorful backstreets, far from the tourist crowds, led by a knowledgeable and passionate guide like Andy.

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7. Japan Food Trips 

Japan Food Trips

In a world where travel dynamics have shifted post-pandemic, Japan Food Trips emerges as an ideal choice for delving into the rich culinary tapestry of Japan while prioritizing safety through private, small-group settings. Unlike large, impersonal tours, Japan Food Trips offers intimate experiences, bringing you face-to-face with some of Tokyo’s most innovative chefs and culinary artisans.

Stephanie Haddad, the founder and food critic behind Japan Food Trips, meticulously curates each walking food tour to cater to your specific tastes and preferences. With insider knowledge and a passion for uncovering hidden gems, Stephanie’s signature tours in Nakameguro have garnered widespread acclaim. As a local to the neighborhood, she unveils the best-kept secrets of this trendy and picturesque area, ensuring a truly immersive experience.

Beyond merely sampling delectable treats, Japan Food Trips offers a unique opportunity to delve into Japanese food culture. Whether indulging in freshly baked curry pan pastries from Tokyo’s top bakeries or savoring exclusive sake varieties, each culinary adventure promises an authentic taste of the flavors that captivate both locals and visitors alike.

Join Japan Food Trips Nakameguro Day trip for a unique food experience! 
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8. Hatago Travel

Hatago Travel food tour

A trip is lived three times: when you plan it, when you do it, and when you remember it.

Hatago Travel’s tours are not just about visiting Tokyo with a guide, but are about the experiences. They want their guests to live a unique experience that is relevant to the context of the chosen tour or designated area.

Whether it is a traditional Japanese dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurant that is enriched by the explanation of kappo kaiseki and chatting with the chef, or the exploration of the Otaku district of Akihabara with explanations of Japanese subculture with entry and drink at maid cafe, their goal is to give their guests a unique memory of their experience, which gives them something to tell their friends after returning from the trip.

Tour itineraries to the most classic and touristic points of Tokyo are completed with small hidden gems. Walking in the most traditional area of ​​Tokyo is completed with a traditional cultural experience such as a tea ceremony or the personalization of one’s Maneki Neko, the most classic Japanese souvenir.

All Hatago Tours are private to guarantee customized experience and flexibility according to the guests’ needs.

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9. Ninja Food Tours 

Ninja Food Tours

Ninja Food Tours stands out as a locally-operated gem in Tokyo’s culinary scene, offering bespoke and immersive experiences not only in Tokyo but also in Kyoto and Osaka. Their team of knowledgeable local guides is deeply ingrained in the food and drink culture of each neighborhood, ensuring that guests uncover the hidden culinary treasures of Japan.

Both day and night tours are available with Ninja Food Tours, each meticulously curated to showcase the culinary highlights of the area. The emphasis is on providing guests with the confidence and insight to navigate restaurants and food choices like a local, while also delivering an unforgettable and enlightening journey through Japan’s diverse flavors.

Beyond traditional food tours, Ninja Food Tours offers cooking classes, sake tastings, and private tours, allowing visitors to tailor their experiences to their preferences. With a commitment to personalized service, they maintain small group sizes to foster meaningful connections between guests and guides.

Ninja Food Tours boasts a multicultural team of just six individuals, ensuring a tight-knit and collaborative approach to crafting unforgettable culinary adventures. Each team member is dedicated to ensuring that every customer’s trip is nothing short of extraordinary.

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10. Japan Wonder Travel 

Japan Wonder Travel food tours

Japan Wonder Travel stands out for its commitment to crafting original tours that offer travelers the most authentic Japanese experience possible. From selecting the finest destinations to curating specialized adventures, they ensure every journey delves deeper into the heart of Japan.

Embark on a journey with Japan Wonder Travel and discover Japan in a way that goes beyond the surface. Their meticulously designed tours are crafted to immerse you fully in Japanese culture, allowing you to uncover hidden gems and experience the country’s traditions firsthand.

Led by a team of friendly, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic guides, Japan Wonder Travel ensures that every traveler receives personalized attention and gains insights that can’t be found in guidebooks. With their expertise, you’re guaranteed a unique and unforgettable experience that captures the essence of Japan like no other.

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11. Oishii Food Tours

Oishii Food Tours

Oishii Food Tours, with a rich history spanning over 5 years, stands as a premier provider of culinary experiences in Tokyo. Offering both standard and customized tours, Oishii Food Tours goes beyond mere sightseeing to offer immersive cultural experiences.

Their tours cater to a diverse range of interests and preferences, incorporating activities such as chopstick tutorials, interactive games, and Japanese language lessons. They also accommodate dietary restrictions and special occasions, ensuring that every guest enjoys a personalized and memorable experience.

A highlight of Oishii Food Tours is their visit to Toyosu Market, where guests can indulge in the freshest tuna sourced from special connections with local vendors. Another iconic tour takes place in Ebisu, renowned for its vibrant izakaya scene. Here, guests are treated to an exploration of three authentic izakaya establishments, sampling a variety of dishes and drinks beloved by locals.

With Oishii Food Tours, every excursion promises a delightful blend of culinary delights, cultural insights, and unforgettable memories.

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Which of these food tours would you like to join when you’re in Japan? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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