Small Worlds World's biggest indoor miniature museum in Tokyo review
Small Worlds: World’s biggest indoor miniature museum in Tokyo review

Small Words, located in Tokyo, is the world’s largest indoor miniature theme park. But what exactly does ‘miniature theme park’ mean? 

What is Small Worlds?

Small Worlds is 8,000 square meters of miniature dioramas small-scale exhibitions. There are 6 different areas to view, and each area brings a sense of childlike wonder. As you marvel at the details of each setting, you can envision yourself living in each scenery. You can visit replicas of real-life locations or explore a fictional spot.

There are many different sceneries at Small Worlds to view, and each scenery has interesting hidden details and unique photo opportunities. At different locations and times of the day, the small world changes. In this small world, day alternates with night every 15 minutes, so there is always something new to keep your eye out for—don’t forget to walk through the Gulliver tunnel to get a unique view of the miniature world! 

With Resident Rights, an additional program at Small Worlds, you can even become part of the world: you can 3D scan in a miniature copy of yourself to add to your favorite scenery Your figure can go to the Space Center, the Kansai International Airport, and even into the scenes of anime such as Sailor Moon and Evangelion. 

Exploring the miniature settings is not the only thing you can do at Small Worlds. Small Worlds holds various workshops where you can make miniature versions of different crafts. You can even learn to make your own miniature dome. 

If you get hungry, you can enjoy the cuisine from a former head chef of Japan’s leading hotels. And don’t forget to buy some unique souvenirs on your way out. You can buy miniature figures, display stands, specialty snacks, and more.


There are two affiliated parking lots where you can leave your car while you explore Small Worlds:

The first lot is the Daiwa Roynet Hotel Tokyo Ariake Parking Lot. The first hour of parking is ¥400 and each additional hour is ¥300. 

The second option is the Sumitomo Real Estate Shopping City Ariake Garden Parking Lot. At this lot, the first 6 hours of parking are free, and you will be charged ¥2,000 if you exceed the 6 hours. You must get a “parking service voucher” by showing your parking lot ticket at the entrance of Small Worlds to be eligible for the 6 hours of free parking. 

If you do not have a car, you can reach Small Worlds by bus, subway, or taxi. Approximate times for different routes are listed on Small Worlds’ website.

Small Worlds Opening hours 

Opening hours are from 11:00 to 20:00. Every day Small Worlds has a Photograph Time from 18:00 to 20:00. Park hours are subject to change, so make sure to check their website for the park hours on the day you choose to go.

Small Worlds Pricing 

A one-day ticket to Small Worlds (or an “Admission Passport”) for adults ages 18+ is ¥2,700, ¥1,900 for teenagers ages 12-17 and ¥1,500 for children ages 4-11. You can purchase a meal set plan which includes a dish with your admissions ticket, and is an additional ¥500 yen for adults and ¥300 yen for children. Small Worlds also offers discounted one-day tickets to visitors with certain disability certificates. 

Small Worlds sells annual passes: ¥9,800 for adults, ¥7,600 for teenagers and ¥5,900 for children. The Resident Rights program adds the opportunity to create your own figure, allows access to exclusive areas, and lets you give a one-day pass to a friend or family member in addition to an annual pass.

Small Worlds also offers a special Backyard Tour ticket, where you can explore the backyard of Small Worlds as staff show you special spots and explain the behind-the-scenes of Small Worlds. A Backyard Tour ticket is ¥2,900 for all ages.

You can buy your tickets in person at the ticket office or buy your tickets in advance online. Keep in mind that tickets may be sold out before you arrive.

Small Worlds is a great place to tap into your imagination and appreciate things at a small-scale, making it an unforgettable mini-vacation in Japan!


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Small Worlds: World’s biggest indoor miniature museum in Tokyo review

Small Words, located in Tokyo, is the world’s largest indoor miniature theme park. But what...


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