Winter in Japan can get very cold. To help you stay warm while enjoying the festive Christmas season, many shops offer unique seasonal Christmas edition drinks. You might get overwhelmed with all the options around, but don’t worry. Here are the top 9 winter edition drinks in Japan you should try this winter. Most of these are only available for a limited period of time, so don’t miss out!

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Winter Edition Drinks

1. Kihachi Food Hall Coffee Bakes

Top 8 Christmas edition drinks to try this winter Kihachi Food Hall Coffee Bakes

From November 10, 2021, KIHACHI FOOD HALL Coffee Bakes at the west exit of Shinjuku is serving a Christmas-only take-out drink “Stollen Latte”. 

Stollen Latte is originally a traditional German Christmas confectionery and it has a moist and flavourful taste with plenty of dried fruits and nuts soaked in Western liquor in the dough.

The taste goes well with coffee and tea and it is becoming more and more popular as a sweet that is indispensable for the Christmas season in Japan.

2. Starbucks

Top 8 Christmas edition drinks to try this winter Starbucks

We can’t talk about Christmas Edition drinks without mentioning Starbucks. 

Chocolate Strawberry Festive Frappuccino is a special combination of chocolate and strawberry. This drink is created based on the motif of “Chocolate covered Strawberry”. The base is a sauce created by adding strawberry juice to chocolate, with strawberry pulp in a thick texture. The whipped cream topping is topped with couvert chocolate. 

Chocolate Strawberry Festive Mocha is another drink that is an espresso beverage. It uses a strawberry-flavored chocolate sauce combined with carefully steamed milk and espresso, topped with whipped cream, strawberry pulp and couverture chocolate.

These two drinks are available from November 1st (Monday) -November 23rd (Tuesday), 2021 and ends as soon as it runs out

Three more drinks including Gingerbread Latte, Crème Brulee Latte and Caramel Almond Milk will be released this Christmas and available until Christmas, but they might end early, depending on whether or not they run out.

The classic Starbucks Holiday Gingerbread Latte is inspired by the spicy taste of gingerbread cookies. 

Crème Brulee Latte is an espresso beverage created with creamy custard-flavored sauce, espresso and steam milk, topped with sugar, which remind you of the burnt top of creme brulee.

Caramel Almond Milk is made by adding the flavor of caramel flavored syrup to almond milk, and adding richness to the fragrant and light taste of almond milk with topping whipped cream and caramel sauce.

3. Tully’s Coffee

Top 8 Christmas edition drinks to try this winter Tully’s Coffee

This year, Tully’s Coffee has the theme of “SHARE THE JOY ~ Let’s share joy ~”. From November 1, 2021, Tully’s Coffee will release three types of drinks, including Mascarpone Tiramisu Latte, Irish Latte and TEA Le Bee Chocolate & Strawberry Royal Milk Tea, as well as holiday season limited sweets and goods!

Mascarpone Tiramisu Latte is a cafe latte with the motif of Dolce “Tiramisu” originating in Northern Italy. Milk is mixed with mellow espresso, topped with rich mascarpone whipped cream, accented with sweet and sour freeze-dried strawberries.

Tully’s Coffee Irish Latte is a very popular Christmas edition product that marks the 12th anniversary of its release. There is a richness of espresso and the savory taste of charred caramel. 

& TEA Ruby Chocolate & Strawberry Royal Milk Tea is a royal milk tea made from pink chocolate made from ruby ​​cacao. The sauce with strawberry pulp is combined and topped with freeze-dried strawberries to make it sweet and sour and fruity. You can enjoy the cute pink appearance and the mellow and gentle taste.

4. Fico & Pomum Juice

Top 8 Christmas edition drinks to try this winter Fico & Pomum Juice

From November 1, 2021, Eggnog, the typical Christmas drink in North America, will be remade and sold at Fico & Pomum Juice. Fico & Pomum Juice Eggnog has a fluffy mouthfeel with a rich sweetness like custard cream. Instead of sugar, organic agave syrup is used and created with the sweetness of dates for a gentle finish. It is a soothing taste that makes you feel warm in the cold season.

This drink is available from Monday, November 1, 2021 to the last business day of the year for the individual shop. 

5. The Alley

Top 8 Christmas edition drinks to try this winter The Alley

Christmas season drinks will be on sale at the authentic tea store The Alley. 

Sweet Strawberry Milk Holiday is one of the special drinks created. On top of the soft smoothie with the gentle taste of strawberries and milk, whipped cream that looks like a Christmas tree decorates this festive drink. Sweet Holiday Tea Cocoa combines the sweetness of cocoa with the signature tea. 

These drinks come with Christmas-only charms, inspired by the star ornaments that decorate the top of the Christmas tree.

THE ALLEY drinks are available from November 1st (Monday) to December 25th (Saturday), 2021

6. Lindt

Top 8 Christmas edition drinks to try this winter Lindt

Lint’s new Lindt Melty Hot Chocolate Drink is the richest and luxurious hot chocolate drink in the history of the brand. Chocolate from Ecuador, Yukishio from Miyakojima and Honwa sugar from Okinawa are used to bring out the scent of cacao and elegant sweetness.

“Chocolate feeling” up topping is said to be used to make this drink extra rich. It is recommended not only to taste the rich drink as it is, but also to add chocolate toppings to add extra textures to the drink. The drink looks extra delicious with chocolate melting into the drink. The richest and smoothest chocolate drink in Lindt history is definitely worth trying. 

This drink is available from October 18th (Monday) to 2021 January 6th (Sunday) * Ends as soon as it runs out

7. Dean & DeLuca 

Top 8 Christmas edition drinks to try this winter Dean & DeLuca

Dean & Deluca releases special rich sweet drinks Matcha Pistachio and Hojicha Maron.

Matcha pistachio is a rich matcha milk made from pistachio paste from Italy’s long-established store Babbi. Babbi’s pistachio paste is carefully roasted and finished from Sicilian pistachios. This paste is combined with fragrant matcha milk to create this drink. Uji matcha and Hokkaido milk are used for matcha milk, so it has a mellow taste and brings out the rich aroma of pistachio.

On the other hand, Hojicha Marron is created with a combination of vanilla-flavored marron paste dissolved in milk. The top is sprinkled with roasted green tea powder, you can enjoy the fragrant aroma of roasted green tea as well as the warm taste of marron milk.

These drinks are available from November 1st (Monday) to December 25th (Saturday), 2021.

8. Chun Shui Tang

Top 8 Christmas edition drinks to try this winter Chun Shui Tang

Winter limited drinks Tapioca Chocolat Berry Milk Tea and Chocolate Berry Milk Tea are signature drinks created by the Taiwanese Cafe, Chun Shui Tang. 

Known as the cafe that originated from tapioca milk tea, the popular cafe Chun Shui Tang is driving the boom of Taiwanese sweets in Japan. The two drinks that will be released this time are winter-only milk teas that combine black tea, chocolate syrup and cocoa.

The base of the drink is milk tea made by mixing mellow black tea, chocolate syrup, and cocoa that enhance the sweetness and aroma with syrup of sugar cane. Topped with whipped cream and raspberry sauce, the rich flavor of the cream and the sweet and sour flavor of raspberries accentuate it. It’s a nice drink in the cold winter, where you can enjoy a surprising combination of tea and chocolate.

These drinks will be on sale from November 12, 2021 (Friday) to the end of February 2022.

While some of these drinks are very sweet, some are quite mild, so no matter if you’re a big fan of sweets or not, there is definitely something for you to try. Many of the Christmas edition drinks will no longer be on sale once they run out, so check out your nearest store and make sure to grab your favourite drink before they run out!

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